10 Ways to Rock Mercury Retrograde


Dear Miracles,

Mercury Retrograde is upon us once again. This time pretty much the entire month of October will be affected by the wily little planet (from 10/4 — 10/25). So, what better time to focus on keeping communication clear, concise, and kind? Behold, 10 of my personal favorite techniques to master Mercury RX.

1. Review and follow the Golden Rule: If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say (or write, text, email, Facebook message, etc) anything at all.

2.  Know that October has some difficult conversations in store? You need a clear communication devotional candle lit for you stat!

3. Remember to bless yourself and others.

4. As Mercury RX does not just effect communication but also all intellectual endeavors keep this list in mind.

5. Don’t forget that lists are only helpful to a point, your essence is vast and cosmic.

6. Follow Paul’s advice (always, but especially this month) and do what you say you’ll do.

7. If October finds you with a broken heart, I’m sorry. Also, know that there are ways and means of healing available to you.

8. Be sweet(er). Create a sugar jar for you and your compadres so that your words, thoughts, and actions this month are meant and taken with an extra dose of kindness.

9. For all of the writers out there (which these days means all of us) read this lovely piece by Alexandra Franzen.

10. There is a lot of magical mojo in your kitchen. This is a good time to work with it.


With love and Mercurial Mojo,


Meditation not working? It’s not you, it’s your process.


Dear Miracles,

One of the most common complaints I hear from students is that meditations and visualizations (guided and otherwise) don’t work for them. For those unfamiliar with the idea, a guided meditation is a scene or series of scenes that is narrated to the participant by a guide or leader.

Guided meditations (also known as guided visualizations or guided journeys) can be incredibly useful in both sacro-magical and therapeutic contexts. Sacred artists have been working with different kinds of spirit journeys for thousands of years to foster and deepen their relationship to the other world, the worlds beyond time and space.

However, the truth is that for a many people they don’t work and the reason why is pretty simple: most forms of meditation begin with the observation that we are too connected to our thoughts and our feelings; that our mental, emotional, and psychic contents are so intense and present that it is very difficult to see where we end and they begin. This is not necessarily a problem and is often a true observation — we have all had the experience of feeling something so deeply that it takes us over completely, so that we are literally “out of our minds” with anger or lust, for instance.

But when it comes to sacro-magical work meditation is used traditionally to bring us to a “zero point” — a place where we can look at even the most intense personal experiences with objectivity and learn what is really true about them.

When we work to engage with the Other Worlds we are doing something very different. We are not trying to go beyond ourselves; we are working to both broaden and deepen our daily habits of perception. Because we are working with expanding our envelope of perception it is a good idea to begin from a “zero” state, a state of nil, or of stillness and silence. Meditation can help us achieve that. But meditation is not going to take us into the Other World, to do that we must go down and deep…into our memories, our ancestral knowing, and our imaginations. This is not a process of meditation and it is not a process that any one can narrate for you, it is instead, quite literally, Active Imagination.

Active Imagination is the act of turning and attuning to the realm(s) we might best name time beyond time and space beyond space. A great “mystery” is that these realms exist both within us and also outside of us. The term itself comes to us by way of an earlier term, imaginative cognition, literally meaning to “come to knowing with/through the imagination”, which may be found in medieval contemplative prayer practices, the alchemical traditions of Europe and the Middle East, and Islamic and Jewish traditions as well. Imaginative Cognition came into the 19th and 20th centuries through the writings of Rudolph Steiner and was further developed into the concept of Active Imagination most notably by Carl Jung.

So what is active imagination? The imagination is the faculty within us that is able to produce images and ideas, the part of us that is able to make connections and offer up insights that are new, fresh, and original as well as universal and ancestral in memory. In other words, the imagination is not the recycling up images we are already familiar with but rather the place where new (or at least new to us) ideas and images spring forth. To work with our imaginations actively then is to build, create, and participate in a specific kind of image making. In sacro-magical work we understand these images, and all that they open out onto, to exist both within us and also independently outside of us.

So the next time you sit down to experience a guided meditation remember to get clear on what is actually happening: are you emptying yourself out and returning to an objective “zero” point or are you searching to fill your deep well with waters of imagination, memory, and other world alliance? Answer that question and your road will become much more open.


In love,


New Moon in Libra: Peace passeth all Understanding


Dear Miracles,

In these days of the Dark Moon leading up to a Libran New Moon on 9/24, it is a good idea to turn our attentions and intentions to peace. Not peace in the sense of covering things up or looking the other way when faced with injustice. Not the false peace of holding our tongues when we would do better to speak out, but deep peace, abiding peace, peace that truly does surpass our reasoned understanding or expectations.

I chose the image of two otters holding hands because first of all: Otters holding hands! And secondly, I think this is such a true image of peace. Two creatures, content for the moment, holding onto one another as they drift in mamma ocean. The ocean, like the world in which we live can be full of wonder or terror and we all know that calm seas can turn stormy in an instant. The otters know that peace is often found in partnership — with a friend, a loved one, a generous ally. So it is for us too, when we are in right relationship, with our loved ones, our body, our work, our creative aspirations, then there are moments of peace.

As many of you know, the New Moon in sacro-magical work is the time of beginnings. It is the time when we can plant the tiny seeds of our intentions for the month, the next quarter, or even the entire year. One time honored way of “planting” is through ritual. So what seeds, what rituals are most appropriate for this particular New Moon?

Peace obviously is one good focal point. Libra, the sign of balance and harmony, chooses conversation over conflict and diplomacy over threats. Mars in Sagittarius places his discipline and drive for perfection in the areas of learning teaching, philosophy, and exposure to other ways of doing things — together these two can work beautifully especially in the areas of international relationships. Whether you are dealing with family drama or concerned about geo-political crisis, this New Moon offers a cosmic “reset” button…allowing us to change approach and strategy to create more collaboration and less strife.

Those of you dealing with court case or legal issues may find that intentions and desires that are ritualized during this New Moon carry great weight and do much to bring any legal troubles or stresses to an end. (Libra is, after all, the sign of law).

Love is another good area to explore under the aegis of this beautiful New Moon. Specifically mending and healing broken love relationships of all kinds, working towards reconciliation, and infusing fireworks and fun into already existing and solid relationships is an excellent idea.

Money/Career affairs can receive an extra dose of brilliant insight at this time due to the lovely trine between Jupiter and Uranus. If you have been stuck on a money situation or feel like the financial sector of your life needs a boost then work this alignment by giving yourself a few days around and including the New Moon to brainstorm and delve deep into your relationship to money, work, and abundance. You are guaranteed to discover treasure.

Because Sagittarius has a dreamy, wildly psychic and creative side, this New Moon is quite good for sign and synchronicity watching as well. If you have been waiting for the right time to ask the universe for a sign, this period would is hard to beat!

Two good divination questions to ask during this beautiful black moon are:
Where in my life and/or what in my life needs peace now?
How can I provide or make space for that peace?


Wishing you deep, meaningful, peace,






PS: Don’t forget that registration for Three Ways of Wisdom closes on 9/22. If you want to take a tarot class with me this year, this is the class and now is the time!

The Introverted Aries and other Astrological Anomalies

Dear Miracles,

An introverted Aries.
A Taurus who is chatty.
A shy Gemini.
Cancers that never dream.
A Leo who prefers to be NOT in the spotlight.
Disorganized Virgos.
The Libran who doesn’t get along…with anyone.
Mainstream Scorpios.
The Sagittarius who likes to stay home.
Capricorns who aren’t competitive.
Aquarians who are decidedly not social.
Loud-mouth Pisceans.

Sure, these are not the typical descriptions for each sun sign, but I have met folks who fit with each description. I’m often told by a client…this is my sun sign, but it doesn’t fit me, I’m nothing like that! Maybe so and maybe no. The whole point of astrology, really the whole point of any sacred art, is that we are not reducible. We cannot be reduced to our genes, our address, our education, our family, our talents or our weaknesses.

The whole is always greater than the parts.

That’s what astrology teaches. So does tarot. Both disciplines should encourage an aerial view…one that opens up and expands on possibilities, not a view that leaves you feeling trapped in a category that doesn’t work and doesn’t resonate.

More love.

More possibility.

More promise.

Never less.

This is how we heal

Love Amongst the Ruins by Edward Burne-Jones

No sooner did I start pondering this month’s lunar letter, than it occurred to me that healing would have to be its theme. For the Full Moon shines down on us from Pisces, and the Fish is the healer of the zodiac, ruling over the 12th house of our charts, the area where we confront once and for all the beliefs, traumas, ideas, and habits that cut, wound, and tie us down, leaving us feeling broken, scarred, and scared.

Healing is a word we bandy about with the best of intentions. How many times have we heard it said that we need to heal, or that we need to be open to healing, or that what is needed now is healing? All of that is fine and good, but we may wonder, after years of healing, and perhaps even after little or no results: is it even possible to heal? What does it mean to heal?

We might turn to the icon of the Sacred Heart for help. Here we have the familiar heart symbol, but there is a fountain of fire pluming from within the heart’s division, and the heart is encircled with lines of radiance, or sometimes wings. When we see it in its radiant glory, we may easily forget that the shine and radiance is that of a heart and spirit that has been to hell and back.

In image and imagination every possible wound has been inflicted on the Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart speaks to the scarred heart — pierced by a thousand swords, cut by a thousand pieces of glass, wrapped in rusty barbed wire and a crown of thorns — and sometimes, at first, we think that those scars are something to hide from the world, something to keep quiet, keep covered up.

The Sacred Heart speaks also the scared heart, afraid because we know we can be harmed, frightened of our worst dreams coming true, scared that the wounds Pisces asks us to face cannot ever, really, be healed. Experiencing the traumas to body and spirit that cut so deep, the ideas that bind us to a limited view of life and love, the habits that keep us from not just living life, but living life well, we are afraid that we will only ever be broken.

Fleeing from our pain, we will reach out for healing far away from the scars and brokenness, to cover it up, to be free of it. But to flee from our condition in this way is to flee from what makes us sensitive and alive, from what transcends and supports our own mortality. To the Sacred Heart, those salves and remedies for which we reach are a mirage: the greatest healing power comes from within the very darkness and brokenness of our condition, just as a lily flower blossoms from out of the muck. To the Sacred Heart, what we call broken shards and scars are for it the crown jewels which bedeck and bedazzle.

The Sacred Heart will not be covered up nor will it be silenced. Like a phoenix rising up out of the ashes, it shines through fear and a forest of scars and the clothing that we wear and the protections that we weave about ourselves. None of these matter to Sacred Heart for it is made to shine. And so it does. It shines out in radiant splendor, saying:

My blessedness is in and among the broken, ever, and always.

Daily Practice and Dancing Planets

Daily Practice and Dancing Planets


Dear Miracles,

As we usher in September I am preparing for my favorite season — Autumn — with the celebrations, the remembering of our ancestors, the magic making, and pumpkin everything! I find that September, at least after the first week when we get into the swing of school time rhythms, is a wonderful month to assess and remember where we are, what we are committed to, and what we are doing with ourselves in our sacred arts work.

To me the best place to begin this investigation is to look at our daily practices — what practices are speaking to us strongly, resonating more often than not, and what practices feel dull, lifeless, and no longer vital? Right now taking the time to ask these questions is especially appropriate because we have two potent retrogrades happening in the heavens — both Uranus and Neptune are retrograde. Uranus will be retrograde until Winter Solstice and Neptune is retrograde through November 16th.

Longtime readers know that I often say that the key to working with a retrograde rhythm is to remember to “re”. Re-member. Re-assess. Re-structure. Re-view, You get the idea. The specific planets that are in retrograde provide us with a focus for all of this “re” activity. So in the case of Neptune, the planet that is attuned most potently to memory, intuitive knowing, psychic skills, deep feeling, and powerful dreaming, we can look at our daily practices and ask about these elements. Are they absent or present? Is there a way that they can be better honored in our daily rites?

Uranus in some ways is a polar opposite of Netpune but they are both planetary forces adept at walking and working between the worlds. In the case of Uranus (whose name means “heaven” in Ancient Greek) the key idea is visionary. Whereas Neptune looks back, Uranus looks forward and asks, what is possible here, now, going forward? Mercury is often aligned with intellect and intellectual capacity as well as successful travel and skills of mediation. Some find it helpful to conceive of Uranus as Mercury writ large — so that our inner brilliance is called forth, travel takes on a deeper meaning, and we each have the opportunity to mediate between heaven and earth. When Uranus retrogrades we have the chance to look at our daily practice and ask: where is the brilliance here? What travels, what adventures am I open to at this time? What am I mediating on a daily basis? Are my ties to the celestial and terrestrial strong and sure? If not, what blessing way might help with that?

People often ask me what a daily practice looks like. Well first and foremost it is something you do DAILY. Not weekly, not monthly, not once a year when you feel like it/remember it, but daily. Because consistency is the key to deepening your sacro-magical work we want our daily practice to be accessible. If you only have ten minutes a day to dedicate to your sacred art then let’s make those ten minutes count! Everyone has a different way of creating their daily practice, but here are some key components I find helpful to keep in mind:

1.) Stillness and Silence. If there is only one thing you can do let it be this. To be still and to be quiet—even for a couple of minutes—it is like a power nap! It leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to go forward with clarity.

2.) Prayer/Blessing. Blessing our selves, our precious bodies, minds, and spirits, and blessing those we love allows us to commune with what we most revere. To expand upon this consider blessing the home in the morning when you awake and in the evening before bedtime.

3.) Communion. With your guides, your allies, the Divine, or your own inner knowing. Communion often looks like stillness and silence but it is different in feel and technique because communion is actually listening closely and carefully.

Two possible additions to make to these guidelines at this time, given the dance between Neptune and Uranus would be active imagination journeys (mediating between this world and the worlds beyond in honor of Uranus) and developing or re-developing an intuitive sacred art like tarot in honor of Neptune..

And now Miracles, it is your turn! Tell me what aspects of your daily practice are running strong and/or what snags have come up for you all.

Happy September and Happy Practice! 

Breaking for Beauty (and summertime fun)


Dear Miracles,

Hello, hello gorgeous readers! Just a quick note to let you all know that I am taking a wee break from maintaining the blog so that I can fully squeeze the juice out of summer! I am still available for consultations and customized ritual work and will be teaching an intensive on Diagnostic Tarot for one week in June. In the meantime catch me on facebook or twitter…and of course my lunar letters will go out as normally scheduled!


Many Branches–Sapna Mehra


Dear Miracles,

I first learned about Sapna Mehra and her one of a kind brilliant jewelry from my dear friend Fabeku. Since then Sapna and I have become friends as well and I am the lucky owner of a couple of her pieces–they are magical in every single way. Her story inspires and her art sets intention on fire–I proudly present this month’s Many Branches feature and hope all of my readers make Sapna feel welcome!


sapnaIn her own words: I’m Sapna Mehra and I collaborate with artisans in my ancestral homeland of Rajasthan, India to create meaningful jewelry that is crafted by hand using 16th-century techniques. My jewelry designs are inspired by the meeting of fine and folk, the old and new, and the everyday and the divine. I design jewelry for anyone who’s passed through fire to wear as an emblem of triumph.



Find Sephra on the World Wide Web:

Website: www.sapnamehra.com

Facebook: facebook.com/sapnamehrajewelry

Instagram: http://instagram.com/theglobalsoul

Twitter: https://twitter.com/theglobalsoul


1.) On your site you have the following quote: “Gold becomes kundan only after passing through fire.” Tell us about kundan and the significance of this process.

I first heard this Rajasthani proverb from a favorite aunt of mine. I was going through an especially difficult time in my life and she said these words to me to lift my heart and spirits. It’s something that has stayed with me ever since.

The saying is about unleashing your strength, inherent beauty, and highest potential when you’re in the midst of seemingly insurmountable odds.

It speaks to the process of creating kundan, a very prized form of purified 24k gold used in traditional jewelry from Rajasthan, India. Gold is fired continuously for 3 days in an arduous and elaborate process that requires constant oversight and meticulous care to ensure the quality and purity of the gold.

Once the gold has been fired, it’s beaten down and burnished into flowing ribbons of rich, pure gold that’s used to set gemstones into intricately enameled bases. It’s a beautiful art that is fulfilled only through the devotion and dedication of the artisan from beginning till end.

As individuals, we all pass through our own fires. Those fires distill, hone, and refine who you are.

As you move through the challenges that you face, you persist and overcome, even when you think you can’t. When you persist, you break through the barriers of your mind and what you believe is possible or impossible. Your struggle is your opportunity to choose who you want to be, to choose to act instead of react to whatever circumstance life’s journey has presented you with.

It’s in this act of persisting that you discover your own strength, power and grace.

What I’ve learnt from passing through my own fires, is that in every moment, you are faced with the choice to rise up above the struggle and truly know who you are. You aren’t your circumstance, you are the choices you make in those circumstances. And it’s the sum of the choices that you make day in and day out that transforms you into kundan, pure gold.


2.) Ritually created jewelry has been present in magical and religious circles for ages but recently sources for such creations have been few and far between. As you know, I have several pieces of your work and I can attest first hand to their wonderful properties and inspirited forms. Why not just go the conventional route in jewelry making, why the decision to add a spiritual/sacred significance to your craft?

First, thank you so much Bri for your love and support!

Mysticism connects you to the universal energy. It fosters intimacy with others and the environment that surrounds you. It connects you to the part of yourself that is greater than you.

My passion for ancient symbols, philosophies and my understanding of form as divine expression is rooted in my Indian heritage. I believe symbols are able to express and connect us to the abstract divine. Symbols, rituals and spiritualism connect the gaps between the rational and the parts of your experience that moves you beyond the realms of logic.

Designing jewelry with meaning that is informed by a spiritual, mystical or sacred practice is how I give voice to my experience in the world. When a design comes forth, it feels like an intense and unstoppable energy that I must respond to and that connects me to something that is much bigger than me.

When you connect with that message or symbol, it fosters an intimate connection and creates a blissful circuit of rasa or divine nectar. This circuit and the experience of connection is what art is all about. I feel blessed and grateful to share this with everyone who connects with this synergistic energy!


3.) Your tagline is Be Triumphant–how does the right jewelry help us become triumphant and what does that mean to you?

Your body is your sacred vehicle in the world; your witness, perceive, express and act with your body. It’s the body through which you experience and hone your awareness to unleash your shakti. Adorning the body is a sacred act of empowerment. When you choose jewelry that uplifts you and reminds you of your beauty, strength and power, you are empowering your highest self.

Adornment is a powerful act of expression and art. In ancient Indian texts, there are suggestions and prescriptions for sringar or adornment according to seasons, times of day, to affect a mood or elicit a particular desire.

The act of choosing what to wear, putting it on and taking it off is a sensual, meaningful ritual. It creates a beautiful pause, brings grace to light and awakens the senses to oneself.

What you choose to wear, how you choose to express yourself and put your Self out into the world gives you agency and power.

For me, being triumphant is about claiming your story and realizing your agency in your narrative. You story isn’t a series of events or how circumstances unravel. Your story is driven by how you decide to tell your story. I believe choosing the right jewelry for you is an act of empowerment and helps you express your story in the most magnificent way.


4.) You work with precious and semi-precious stones in your creations so I have to ask…do you have a personal favorite?

Oh, that’s a very hard question because I LOVE gemstones!

I have a special affinity for rose cut diamonds and I really love gems that are cut by hand in old cuts like rose cut and polki. The rose cut originated in India and then it’s popularity spread throughout Europe and you’ll see rose cut diamonds and other gems frequently used in Georgian and Edwardian jewelry. I try to use rose cut faceting as often as I can because it feels like the soul of the gem shines through.

Each gem has a particular vibration bringing forth different energies. At different times, depending how I’m feeling, I’m drawn to different stones, most likely because that is the energy I need to awaken within myself.

These days I am loving turquoise, lapis lazuli, black spinel, labradorite, and moonstones. These gems remind me of the depths of the ocean and the infinity of the sky. You get lost looking at them.


5.) If you could give one piece of wisdom to my readers today, what would it be?

The biggest message I’ve received in my life is to persist. No matter what your circumstance is in this moment, remember your heart’s truest desires, be aware of your dreams and listen to your highest self. Doing this, over and over again, even when it’s so hard, is the discipline that will illuminate your purpose and your path. I think that is the only way to discover what it means to be triumphant.

And to love. Emanate love at every moment possible.

Snaps of Spring

Dear Miracles,

It is Springtime–one of my favorite seasons which makes sense because in the Western Esoteric traditions the season of Spring is of course attuned to the Element of Air and being a Libran, I’m an airy — faerie kinda gal! Spring means more time outside and less time inside. That has been especially true this year because the weather has been, in a word, INCREDIBLE. We had a cool and moist April and Beltane dawned crisp and glorious. Since I am in South Central Texas we always need more water but thus far the plants are thriving and delighting in the cooler than usual winds.

A basket full of herbs straight from the garden–for medicine, magic, and cooking alchemy. Lavender for love and peace, Rosemary for clarity of mind and purpose, Oregano for prosperity blessings and sensuality, roses for beauty, and lemon balm for zest! Some of these green goodies will be worked with as I make my own florida water for spiritual cleaning. Part of the Rosemary was tinctured for a respiratory health elixir, part of it was baked into bread, and a bunch of it was dried for ritual work I create around academic success.


And more roses because really, can we ever get enough? These petals are from two antique varieties–Le Vesuve and Dame de Coeur. Roses did not make the top twenty list of magical herbs that live in your kitchen, but they make my personal short list of plant allies I always need to have on hand. My mother is somewhat of an antique rose expert–in Texas we call them Rose Rustlers, no joke, and she has over 200 varieties–so yeah, I guess you could say it runs in the family.


Our Faerie light and grapevine chandelier hangs over our bed and blesses all it sheds sparkly light upon.


And there has been a lot of bread making! (Note how the geese measuring cups look on with serenity).


I hope everyone’s spring has been as delicious as ours has been!

Many Branches–Starry Eyed with Amelia of the Midheaven

Dear Miracles,

Amelia Quint is an amazing astrologer who knows the stars like I know my trusted Rider Waite Smith tarot deck. She is also super nice, approachable, and able to bring all the astro talk down to earth in a very hands on and practical manner–and she does it all with style! These are some of the reasons that I have collaborated with her in the past and had her as one of the featured guest teachers for Star Magic. I am now so pleased to bring her to my lovely readers. Give her a warm welcome and settle in to do some star gazing!


In her own words: Amelia Quint, author of The Midheaven, uses divination to help movers, shakers, and risk-takers dream new and exhilarating possibilities. Her rock-and-roll-meets-the-boardroom approach creates a space where insights and creativity flow with ease. She believes that while astrology and tarot set the stage for personal transformation, the real magic lies in their ability to inspire people to take charge of their destiny.


Find Amelia on the World Wide Web: 
Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/themidheaven
FB:  http://www.facebook.com/midheavenastrology
Pinterest:  http://www.pinterest.com/themidheaven


1.) On your site you say that you use divination to “help people take charge of their destiny.” I love that so much. What does it mean to you and how do you see it working practically?

One of the most common questions I’m asked in both astrology and Tarot readings is “When are things going to get better?” Though some things in life are out of our control, I think taking this approach takes away your power. My favorite thing to do as an intuitive reader is to show my clients that they ARE powerful and have the ability to change their situation!

In practice, “taking charge of your destiny” is all about knowing yourself. Your birth chart (a map of the planets and stars at the time of your birth) will give you insight into where you’re naturally talented, and what potential stumbling blocks to sidestep. And of course, Tarot is a perfect way to delve into the heart of any issue or crisis you may be experiencing. Really both astrology and Tarot come down to a sense of radical self-understanding. When you know yourself intimately, you can create an action plan to move forward with confidence.

Lots of people come to me when they’re going through a difficult astrological transit. They start out feeling hopeless, but once they are able to put a name to their struggle, it becomes much easier for them to face it down. The archetypes of Tarot help in a similar way. Knowing really is half the battle! Once people have a name for their circumstances, they’re able to own what’s happening and make the best of it. To me, that is really the beauty of divination!


2.) You work with both Tarot and Astrology–do you often combine them in your work? If so, how do you find the two disciplines work together?

Yes, I do combine them! I tell people all the time that studying Tarot will deepen your understanding of astrology in a huge way, and vice versa. During astrology readings, I’m always thinking of what Tarot card might correspond to their situation, and with Tarot clients I always take a look at their birth chart to see if there are any major transits happening. The traditional correspondences between Tarot and astrology play a big part in my readings too, especially with the Major Arcana (for example, Venus and The Empress). I take a very holistic approach to both disciplines and move pretty freely between the two, because I think that they each have so much to offer!


3.) The name of your business is The Midheaven. What is the Midheaven and why do you love it?

The Midheaven is a traditional name for the tenth house of the birth chart, which rules our public life and contribution to society. The Latin phrase for the Midheaven (medium coeli) literally means “top of the heavens,” and that is what I want everyone to reach for in their life. My goal is to inspire others to seek out the highest expression of themselves, with stars and cards as a guide!


4.) Favorite Astrology question? Favorite Tarot Question?

My favorite astrology questions are about how to bring more abundance and joy into your life. Working with the benefics (the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and more) is fabulous! Also, many of my clients have come to me during a Saturn Return, which is a notoriously tough transit. I love seeing these beautiful people transform adversity into opportunity.

I love checking people’s charts for psychic potential too. Everyone is intuitive, and helping people tap into that part of themselves is so much fun!

Honestly I enjoy all types of Tarot readings, but I seem to have a knack for love and relationship work! I think my Mercury in Libra helps me keep things compassionate and balanced for everyone involved.


5.) If you could give one piece of wisdom to my readers today, what would it be?

Be audacious! Audacious, one of my favorite words, comes from the root meaning “to dare”. I love this and live by it! Dare to know yourself deeply, dare to love passionately, and dare to stop taking crap from people. And most importantly, dare to ask for what you want. The universe will respond, and so will more people than you think!