How to use Magical Anointing & Ritual Oils

I am starting a new series of Sacred How-to’s-instructions for all of you who want to learn about all of the fantastic ways in which you can work with spiritual products and benefit from spiritual services! Up first: magical oils!

Dressing a glass encased candle:

(These instructions assume you are working with a soft wax, paraffin vigil candle). Take a glass vigil light in the appropriate color and poke several holes in the top of it. Get a pinch of finely ground dried herbs & roots that are appropriate to the condition(s) you are working on and sprinkle them over the top of the candle. Add accents that appeal to your eye and spirit if you feel called to do so–some like myself love glitter additions.  Top off this blend by adding the magical oil(s) that are appropriate to your condition.  You do not want to drown your dried herb mixture in oil, but you do want to get oil in the candle (it will go down into the holes) so that as the candle burns the scent of oil is released up into the air and up towards the heavens.  Pray over your light, write out your petition if you have chosen to make one, and then light it and allow it to burn through.


Dressing a pillar, taper, or figural candle:

Take your candle and wash it down with an appropriate water (like rose for love-drawing work and orange for success/money) or a bit of your own urine.  Carve or load the candle with names, dates of birth, your wish, and personal concerns of yourself or your target.  Anoint the candle with the appropriate condition oil(s), stroking towards you if you wish to draw something in, and away from you if you desire to push something away.


Creating a Condition Lamp:

Obtain an oil lamp with a clear well in the bottom.  Place roots, herbs, curios, and minerals into the well of the lamp and fill the well with paraffin or kerosene oil.  Finish off with several drops of the appropriate condition oil(s) that are in accord with the lamp’s purpose.  Light your lamp on a daily or weekly basis.


Anointing yourself with magical oils:

Every person is different so its important to test each new oil you have and make sure that it is skin safe for you. All of the oils I make are skin safe on me-and I have pretty sensitive skin-but body chemistry varies from person to person. Also, make sure the scent is something that you actually would like to have on your body. Often I advise clients to take a bottle of their ritual oil and cut it with a good base oil–almond works for many people, if you have very dry skin try sesame, and jojoba which is actually a wax and not an oil absorbs best into human skin. Some oils work as anointing oils better than others. Most of the time when we want to anoint our physical bodies with a ritual oil we are seeking to draw something or someone towards ourselves-perhaps a lover, or a new business opportunity. Dabbing your pulse points to start with is fine. You may also anoint your solar plexus-when you do so start near the bottom and draw upwards to your heart–this method of anointing is wonderful for many things but especially when you seek to draw in courage. Whenever you work to increase your concentration, focus, and intellect take a ritual oil attuned to those qualities and lightly anoint your forehead-start in the middle and then spread the oil to either side, imagining a crown around your head. If you are working with an oil to remove a negative condition then anointing the pulse points is fine. If you anoint the solar plexus area you will want to start at your heart and draw down, removing the condition from yourself. You should also anoint your feet by starting at the heel and stroking to the toes.

20 responses to “How to use Magical Anointing & Ritual Oils

  1. Thanks so much for this! A glass encased candle is what I’ve used most in the past, purchasing them already dressed, but reading this has made me want to start dressing them myself. I’m going to try it!

  2. Patty Tanji on said:

    What a great creative practice. I can’t wait to begin. I don’t have any of the materials. Can you suggest a place to start?

  3. Bri, how fun! I love the sacred how-to’s. I look forward to working with this and preparing my altar with a candle anointed with sacred oil. xoxo

  4. I adore your idea for dressing a glass-encased candle… I definitely would like to try this… and all of them if I get a chance… Fascinated by this sorta stuff ;)

  5. Bri.. am loving learning more of this from you.. the ceremonies and rituals really light up for me and wish you lived closer so could see you do this. Have you ever thought of doing a video series for this.. would be so great to see you showing the how-to’s..

    Love to you,
    Simple Sacred Solutions For Living Beautifully In Your Body

  6. Bri…so interesting!

    I want to carve a candle.
    One question- what’s a good resource to learn about the herbs and oils appropriate for different conditions?



  7. Miss Bri on said:

    Yay Nona! I am glad that you like it and that its giving you some good ideas!

  8. Miss Bri on said:

    So glad it spoke to you Nikki!

  9. Miss Bri on said:

    Lisa-I really should! I have a few videos up on Vimeo but I should create an entire series and some day I will!

  10. Miss Bri on said:

    Leah! There are so many! Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic by my friend and teacher catherine yronwode is a very good place to start-especially if you want to learn about the stuff used in American magical traditions. Both of Scott Cunningham’s books on herbs, and oils, incenses, and brews are also very good-they approach the subject from a more conventional European/hedgewitch angle!
    Let me know if I can be of further assistance!

  11. Thank you for sharing Bri! This is really good stuff to read…it’s always interesting to see other magical traditions :)

  12. thank you thank you thank you!! I have always wanted to start using essential oils, but have never really known “how”. I know they have powerful effects, and that I am probably in need of many of these effects!!

  13. Lisa’s idea of a how-to video is GREAT — I’d love to see you shine through in almost-person. :-) I always love reading your blog because it opens my eyes to this whole side of spirituality that I know very little about, and it’s fascinating. <3

  14. Miss Bri on said:

    I am so glad that this was helpful to you Amy!

  15. Miss Bri on said:

    Yay Jessica! So glad you are liking it!

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