Holiday Gift Giving Guide Part Two-My fave Digital Prezzies

Last week I gave you 10 easy+actionable steps to make gift giving more joyful and less awful. This week I want to let you in on a few gift ideas that are not only gorgeous and infinitely useful-they can also save you if you are running out of time for that special someone…

You know how it goes-holiday cards are piled up neatly, gifts have been wrapped, and then you realize you forgot about your cousin Sara or your husband’s sister. The thought of going to the post office has you breaking out in hives. The thought of not doing anything makes you feel like a step or two beneath The Grinch.

Or…maybe you have someone that just eludes your best gift giving intentions-they have everything, or they are super picky, or you have no idea what they are into…

Never fear!

I’m happy to let you in on a little secret…there are magical, wonderful, luxe, digital gifts that are a point and click away. You can purchase them instantly and send them to your peeps no matter how many miles are in between you.

Best part? Many of these goodies are under $20 (That’s TWENTY DOLLARS people!) So if you are at a loss-consider these…

Alexandra Franzen-writer+creative minx has a bevy of very hip products that are also quite useful (I know because I’ve contributed!) Whether you know someone who is finally ready to come out of whatever closet they might be in, an aspiring (She)ro who needs a great template for connecting to big wig donors, or an entrepreneur who desires a gracious way to tell her friends and family that, uh, her website is up and her dream has taken wing, Alexandra has the script you need.

Leonie Dawson makes beautiful guidebooks for your biz+life-they are juicy-colorful and chock full of really awesome ideas, rituals, and prompts. You can snag both of them here for under $20

Kiva Rose and her crew put out a gorgeous quarterly journal-Plant Healer Magazine that is hands down the best periodical on all elements of herbalism-I should know as I have written for it!

Or maybe you need something a bit more luxe for your peeps? 

Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map is officially here-its amazing and if you don’t already have it, you should.

For the aspiring writer who is *this* close to birthing a book baby-consider Your Big, Beautiful Book Plan-a collaborative project between Danielle and Linda Silversten.

Leonie Dawson also faciliates one of the most beautiful communal online spaces I have seen-the Goddess Circle. Its a luscious, supportive, and hilarious group for women…from around the world and from many different paths. A year of support for $200—like, so much cheaper than therapy!

Dyana Valentine will dream in color+texture for YOU (or someone you love)-a WUKE is one of the most amazing gifts ever.

Heidi Rose is an astrologer full of love+insight+wisdom-snag a session or buy a bundle and save-nothing says love like the gift of the heavens!

And of course…you can also get an hour long intuitive reading with me and gift it to a friend-its an investment in their future after all!


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