Encounters with AIRR: Madame Nadia

I have known Madame Nadia for years-she has a beautiful family and is a gifted reader and spiritual worker who focuses on African derived traditions but has studied sacred traditions from around the world and made many spiritual pilgrimages. Nadia is also well versed in Hindu traditions and is an initiate and devotee to the Goddess Kali. Within the root work community Nadia is especially known for her wonderful work with Lenormand cards. I always feel when I am talking to Nadia that I am refreshing myself at a font of cosmopolitan knowledge and wisdom, strong European roots that reach back into ancient stories and evocative images. Recently we “sat down” over email and I got Nadia’s take on her work, clients, and philosophy.

In her own words: Madame Nadia is a writer, filmmaker, a hereditary diviner, and a natural witch. She was born in Eastern Europe, raised in the Middle East, and currently resides with her family in the Midwest. Madame Nadia is an initiate of the Goddess Kali, a Palera cut to Madre de Agua, and an aleyo in a Lukumi tradition. She is an intuitive healer, and a Usui Reiki practitioner.  Training under Miss Catherine Yronwode, Madame Nadia graduated from the acclaimed Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course. Today she is a member of the Independent Reader and Rootworkers Association (AIRR). In addition to her conjure and rootwork services, Madame Nadia produces a regular blog about cartomancy and divination, and is often featured on the Lucky Mojo Rootwork Hour radio show.

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On the Web you can find Madame Nadia at:

her official AIRR page

Cowrie Moon Website




Cartomancy Blog


What is your philosophy on magic and root work?

In my spiritual work with clients, and in my own mystical experience, I am concerned with facilitating healthy changes.  Before committing to provide spiritual services to others, I spent a lot of time figuring out my drive for such an endeavor. I see it as a mission statement, but I guess you could call it a philosophy. My commitment to my work and my patrons is to Inspire, Enlighten, and Transform their lives through spiritual guidance and magical services that I offer. 

I have no interest in being my clients’ spiritual crutch. I thrive on witnessing them rise from the ashes of misfortune as new, capable, and authentic individuals. And my job, among many other things, is to be my clients’ spiritual muse. When we’re inspired, we begin to dream and believe in possibilities. When a person feels truly supported and starts believing their fortune can turn for the better they open up for enlightenment — in simple terms it’s the realization of how to get from point A to point B through the use of prayer, enchantment, and the laws of attraction. Finally, we learn how to take a deep breath, sit back, and have faith in ourselves and in the Divine, essentially letting magic happen. The bottom line is, when one witnesses Spirit at work in their own life, a true Transformation occurs.  And this is a beautiful thing!

What are your favorite types of cases and why?

My magical specialty is success and creative breakthrough work. I have formal training in Cinema and the Fine Arts, so naturally I posses an extensive understanding of the show business industry. 

My favorite type of hoodooing within the magico-creative field is what I call Glamour Conjure. I teach my clients that they deserve the good things in life, and I activate their “inner lodestone” to open their roads to abundance and fulfillment, as they gradually begin attracting the things they desire.  I am a lady-hearted worker; and seeing my ladies reach for the stars, while wearing red lipstick and sipping bubbly champagne gives me absolute pleasure. 


If you could give prospective clients one piece of advice, what would it be?

My advice for prospective clients is “Don’t wait too long!” I find that often people wait until the absolutely last minute to contact a spiritualist. Unfortunately, many clients don’t realize that root work takes time. It’s a complex process that requires following right timing, and using the appropriate ingredients that sometimes are hard to come by. And if a case is complicated the rootwork will take longer. So, if your instincts tell you that professional conjure help is needed, the chances are you’re right. Don’t wait till it’s too late! 




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