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Petition for the day: What you need, what you want, in due time.


Well, I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! You have stood by me by helping me with two men who, as you said, “undeserving of my awesomeness”! And you were SO RIGHT!

I honestly believe that the work you have done moved in a different direction and brought D___ and I together! I could not be happier right now! 

The kind words above were written by a dear client of mine, someone who is lovely, intelligent, and vibrant and who knew that she was amazing–but she did not get quite how amazing she was. We worked on a variety of love and friendship angles over the years and though the work almost always had good movement there was an essential ingredient missing–it came up in her cards and I wrote it out to her–she needed a partner who truly and completely GOT her awesome and made her feel cherished and adored. That was the missing piece of magic. She listened and as you can all see from the quote above, she found him! As much as I like happy endings that is NOT the reason I wanted to post this today, I wanted to share it with everyone because when we create and participate in ritual and ceremony there is this sense that if we do not see the results we wanted in the timeframe we planned we have wasted our time and our money. Of course you want to work with an ethical worker, but assuming you are I offer up this petition:

May there be patience…with yourself and with your prayers.

May there be trust that all prayers are heard, and though the responses are many and varied, and though we do not always understand them, there is much of value in every answer and in every time.

May we have the clarity and wisdom of vision to see that, the strength of voice to speak it out, and the gravity of heart to follow our own blessed paths in perfect love and trust.

And so it is.


Blessed New Moon in Aquarius!

Blessed New Moon in Aquarius guys! If you missed the latest edition of Milagro Roots News or for some weird reason are not subscribed then you have not heard me wax eloquently about how awesome this New Moon is. It is especially great for deep and fast insights into your networks (both for business and pleasure), how you connect with people, and how you communicate ideas. The New Moon is in the sign of Aquarius AND it is well aspected with Aquarius’ ruling planet Uranus so these insights are of the flash of lightening brilliant variety as opposed to gradual or subtle.

Por example: I had a killer dream last night that re-affirmed some biz decisions I have already made and left me with a mean and lean priority list. So…the moon is New at 3:40pm central standard time but the vibe is here right now! Be open to the fresh insights, I would recommend traveling today with a blank book or recording device of some kind, and give yourself some extra space and time this afternoon to really appreciate those flashes of golden insight!

And if you would like to work the the moon on a magical/ritual level then this excerpt from my upcoming Star Magic class will be of interest:

In Magic-The moon can be used to consecrate any object, talisman, or spiritual product with the qualities of fertility, magic, intuition, coolness, objectivity, artistry, and inspiration. In Eastern systems it is also equated with the mind or pure intellect. Work with the New Moon to plant seeds for your newest project or desire (or your physical garden), and work with the waxing moon on things you wish to have grow and strengthen. Work with the Full Moon to celebrate completed projects, increase fertility of all kinds, honor love and romance, and divination rituals, and work with the waning moon whenever you need to let go of/banish things. Finally, work with the Dark Moon (the phase right before the New Moon), for baneful work.”



Reclaiming the word “Psychic”

It seems that these days everyone is reclaiming something. There are reclaimed wooden tables for your dining room, reclaimed houses, and even a magical tradition called reclaiming!


I guess its time to throw my tiara into the ring. I have something I would like to reclaim too–the word “psychic”.


When most people think of a psychic they think of a gussied-up lady with heavy black eyeliner and lots of jewelry; a performer who works off a set script taking money from the gullible (never mind that I know many costumed readers who are actually damn good at their work!) OR they think of a figure with bad hair, always shot through vaseline-coated camera lenses, who makes the rounds on daytime t.v.



As it turns out, the word psychic has only been in use since the 19th century. Camille Flammarion is credited with first using it in french. Shortly thereafter, a fellow named Edward William Cox brought its use into English. It’s likely that both Camille and Edward were well-educated in the old-school classical tradition and that they knew that the root of the word psychic was the Greek psuke or psyke, which means soul.


That’s right: SOUL.


About as far from bad t.v. and phony stage names as you can get, right?


For a long time, I eschewed the word psychic. I touched on the reasons why I avoided its use in this article I wrote regarding Sylvia Browne’s recent misstep. Ever since writing that piece I have been like the princess in the fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea. No matter how many awesome cushions I have, there is this tiny, irritating pebble that I can’t ignore.


So…I’m not beating, I’m not joining, I am re-framing: A psychic is a consultant on and for the soul and soul matters. We may also think of her as a midwife for the Spirit-like the ancient Oracle at Delphi, the Pythia: Priestess of Apollo who illuminated the intellect of no one less than Socrates.


Say it with me loud and proud: psychic.

So my loves…what word do you need to reclaim today?

What does it currently mean and how do you wanna change it?

Tell me on FB or Tweet it out!


Who are your people?

Two of My People


The title of this article comes from a colloquialism those who have lived in the Deep South will be familiar with; it is used to determine first and foremost one’s place in the world. For example, when I got married the grandmother of one of my oldest and dearest friends was at the wedding. This stately woman had been born and raised and lived her entire life in East Texas-definitely the Deep South-and was concerned about my spouse. She had heard tell that he was from Pennsylvania, The NORTH, a yankee. So, a bit before the wedding she pulled me aside and said, “yes, he’s very handsome and polite, but who are his people?

For those who do not live in the South, and don’t have friends who do or did, I know how this can sound. It can sound prejudiced in the extreme–but it isn’t. She was simply trying to put my soon-to-be husband within a context that made sense to her. What is interesting is that she did this by inquiring not about his living family but about his ancestors–those who had been long dead but whose loves, losses, successes, and victories made up his lineage.

When I explained that in his case his people were from South Carolina and Georgia there was a sigh of relief–she now had a context for the man I was about to pledge myself to. In knowing “his people” she knew him–even though they had not had much conversation with one another there was an intimate knowing because she knew his history. There are entire cultures that are known to do this-Scotts are notorious upon meeting a fellow countryman to search and seek out through the annals of family history until they find a relative that they have in common or at the very least two relatives who knew each other.

another one of my people

We are bombarded with advice to figure out this and determine that for ourselves-by ourselves-with no one but ourselves as an authority. This is taxing and I feel that it misses a vital part of our story-which is told by those who came before us. “Your people” tell you where you come from-and if the power of inference is not completely lost on you-they can also tell you where you are going.

Your people provide clues about your talents, your mojo, your gifts, and your challenges.

Your people do not completely determine you-but they are the warp and weft against which you act. Their ambitions, heart-breaks, skills, dramas, talents, decisions, and traditions have resulted in at least one concrete being–you. They are your heritage.

Your people are like the religion of your birth-the faith traditions your grew up practicing. As you age you will no doubt find fault with these traditions and you may even leave them behind, but they are there on a bone deep level. You know it and as far as you may run, you will never fully outrun it.

This is the blessing and curse of lineage. It is one side of the self-knowledge coin and it’s why ancestors are honored, celebrated, and, most importantly, have their stories told. Through knowing them we come to know ourselves. If you know who your people are then you have access to a part of yourself, to what Twyla Tharp calls “your creative DNA,” that is entirely and completely unique to you and your ancestors. If you feel bound by your family and have always wanted to escape them then I will tell you it’s even more essential to discover who your people are and to listen to their stories. They are your stories too–to tell, to re-tell, or to change up completely.

It’s Memorial Day. A day when I will be at the graveyard honoring some of my people by cleaning up their graves, leaving flowers, and offerings and talking with them awhile. I will be telling them how they are missed, telling them how they are remembered.

My petition for you today? Remember who your people are.




Petition for the Day: Expect the Impossible

Abraham and IsaacLaurent de La Hire, 1650

May you expect the impossible.

A few years ago I have the privilege of attending a couple of workshops taught my witch, Priestess, activist and author Thorn Coyle. One of the skills that Thorn both talked about and demonstrated was something she called High Priestess Mind.

High Priestess Mind, as I understand it, is the ability to sit in a place of tension between two apparently opposing forces-this world & the world beyond, life & death, confidence & doubt. It is an awareness of the underlying unity between apparent opposites-a state of grace accomplished through both intuition and discernment. You can read more about it in her book.

Kierkegaard, the Danish theologian and philosopher, writes about a similar state in one of my favorite books Fear and Trembling. This state, according to him, is what Abraham experienced when he was directed by Yaweh to sacrifice Isaac. Kierkegaard calls this state the expectation of the impossible. The conflict that created fertile ground for expecting the impossible was Abraham’s faith based knowledge that Yaweh’s demand for Isaac’s life had already been fulfilled before a blade was ever held to throat-the terrible event in effect had already occurred. Abraham’s cheerful expectation was that despite this conflict the impossible would certainly happen and his beloved son would be spared. Of course we know in the story that Abraham’s impossible expectation was satisfied.

Often when I am working with a particularly difference case-one that has a chance for success but that is stuck in a thorny wood of difficulties, my client will ask me what they can do on their end. There are prayers and spiritual preparations that can be helpful to almost case but often I simply tell them-its time to expect the impossible. For both the High Priestess and Kierkegaard there is an expectation of the impossible. Its not simply cock-eyed optimism but rather insightful and incisive vision paired with soul wisdom-a bone understanding that though at times something truly seems impossible-the power of the Divine is unfettered, limitless, and beyond our scope.



When it seems that you cannot go on, expect the impossible.

When all signs point a different way and it crushes your heart, expect the impossible.

When you fear that the law, the attitude, the norm will never change, expect the impossible.

When you fear, period-expect the impossible.

When you doubt, expect the impossible.


You and life are much bigger & miraculous than you might think.


Petition for the Day: Sweeping Up the Sanctuary & Finding Your Epiphany

During the magical 24 hours between Christmas Eve and Christmas day my site got spruced+swept by my lovely digital mage (she builds beautiful sites so if you need a site builder contact me and I’ll pass her secret info along!) It was just time to clean it up a bit and make things more lovely and easy for all of you fabulous folks!

This is an appropriate time for a magical site to get revamped because Christmas Eve kicked off the 12 day festival known as Epiphany in the Western Christian traditions and also Christmastide or, perhaps, most famously the 12 day of Christmas.

Epiphany celebrates the journey of the Magi–the Three Wise men–to visit the newborn son Jesus Christ. The Magi were foreigners and magicians who recognized a heavenly event when they saw one (and according to the story, a very beautiful star helped guide the way-so I am pretty sure they studied astrology). In the Orthodox Christian traditions, Epiphany also weaves in the Wedding Feast at Cana-of which I am a big fan-and in Latin American countries the celebration continues through Candlemas or Imbolg (which is on February 2nd and honors the great Goddess made Saint Brighid).

Back to Epiphany: traditionally this was a time when many Europeans believed that the dead walked and ghosts could be communicated with. The veils were considered especially thin just as they are at Samhain. According to Celtic scholar and Shamanic practioner Caitlin Matthews, these are also called Omen Days because each of the 12 days from December 25th until January 5th (when the actual fest of Epiphany is celebrated) will tell you about  your coming year. To catch the omens you simply pay attention. What do you experience/see/feel on 12/25? That will give you a forecast for January. 12/26 will give you the forecast for February and so on. For me 12/25 saw lots of activity dealing with health and travel and surprise gifts that I loved. Yesterday I got honored by an awesome friend & colleague in her year end review and was voted Tarot Reader to Watch so I see awards and honors in February (and of course, tarot). We shall see what today brings!

There are many traditions and much storytelling surrounding Epiphany but this is my personal take: A young mother–in many ways an outlaw in her own land and with her own people–gives birth to a baby boy. Her man stands by her despite people telling him to abandon her. The child is born into humble circumstances surrounded by animals in an in between realm that is half inside and half outside foreshadowing that he himself will be a dweller of the in-between, a mediator, a walker of worlds. Something about the transgression of law and culture (the going against the grain, the challenge of the “norm”) in combination to the ultimate act of creation-the deliverance of a new and hot life into the world leads to union. It brought people of different lands and languages together as the humble shook hands with the high. And as a child was born, the knowledge of an early death was writ large into the sky.

No matter your own religious beliefs, this is where epiphany comes from…

it’s the invention that should have never happened but was discovered by accident

the harmony that arises from two discordant notes

the spark that is created when friction is applied to something utterly mundane

Epiphanies arise and shock new life into us precisely because we were not looking for them, not aware that they were right around the corner, waiting to embrace us and whisper magic into our ears. Usually they show up when we are tired, frustrated, and feeling like we have two pieces that simply cannot go together. That tension more often than not creates an in between place-and the in between is where magic thrives and epiphanies are nothing if not magical.

My petition for you today: may your Christmastide be blessed, may you heed the words of your Ancestors, and may the year be full of unsought epiphanies gleaming in their brightly jeweled boxes or hidden amongst the moss and branches of your favorite tree!




Petition for the Day: May you find Sanctuary, right here, right now

I am in gorgeous Santa Fe this week-a place I lived and loved for 8 years-and that still holds a strong presence in my heart.

Over several years of having my own business I have discovered how to travel in a way that works for me. I do not go completely on “retreat” mode-for me that approach was stressful since it amounted to putting a “closed” sign on my virtual empire-with the resulting insane backlog of work and correspondence waiting for me when I came out of retreat-ick! Then I need a vacation from my vacation!

Instead I check emails between long meandering walks through the Sangre de Cristos. I respond to new client queries as I sip on sage infused chai, and I light candles and bless a honey jar before heading out for a night of spicy tapas in the sparkling mountain snow. I hang out with old friends and trade my intuitive consultations for high carat gold jewelry.

I pray.

I wander.

I strengthen old friendships.

I walk hand in hand with my beloved.

I buy my friends good chocolate and tell my mom she should buy those silver earrings-I find sanctuary amid-and not away from-my work.

Sanctuary is a tricky concept.

I think that most of us feel that we have to go somewhere gorgeous and be on silent mode for a week at least before we have really encountered sanctuary. The truth for me is that my work comes from the heart and so I carry it with me wherever I go. Once I accepted that I was able to create sanctuary wherever I was-whereever I am or may be…whether its in these blood red mountains feathered with snow and ice or my own cozy home in San Antonio.

It is liberating, clearing, and creates more space for the grace to flow.

So…my petition for you this week…May you find sanctuary. Right here. Right now.

Petition for the Day-May there be Harmony…true Harmony

Much is made, thought, and said about harmony-especially as it pertains to religious belief.

We should all live in harmony.

We should strive for harmony with each other as well as peace and understanding.

Most importantly of all…BE NICE.

The teeth and sharp bones of the modern world poke and prod at this belief-challenging those of who are orthodox in their devotions as well as those who are not, to confront issues head on that our ancestors apparently did not have to deal with.

Social concerns, political platforms, behaviors resulting in our continued degradation of Creation-it can feel so heavy and taut at times and when we look back to history in an attempt to learn from it-we often feel that there is nothing but silence. 

These are new problems for a new and modern world-our religious celebrations, traditions, and ceremonies do not always answer them.

Cutting even closer to home is the tension between our own personal beliefs and the beliefs of our Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Circle, and Temple. No religious person that I know is 100% on board with everything their faith espouses-in fact, some of the most exciting and thrilling Theological discoveries come our of sharp disagreements between personal conscience and religious doctrine.

Our world rubs raw against faith and our personal beliefs bristle at times against it as well.

For some the answer is found in assimilation-the divide between the secular and the sacred grows thinner and thinner until there is no divide at all. Our houses of worship becomes worldly and allow us as a result to be fully of the world-this can be a sell out position or a study in Divine Immanence depending on who you talk to.

On the flip side, some religious communities become increasingly insular-they seek a sharp distinction between the organizing principles of their faith and the world in which we live with its sometimes callous disregard and mockery of those who see things from a different perspective, are branded more “conservative”, or perhaps most devastatingly of all-are found to be simply disagreeable with anyone who does not espouse their same principles.

Again-the move of separation can be held as escapism from modern life’s thorny problems or the creation of a modern day sanctuary wherein it is possible to truly and fully know thyself.

Many of us find ourselves in a middle ground-there are principles of faith and belief that we adhere to, that illuminate our soul’s longing and purpose.

And yet. And still.

We have thoughts, feelings, beliefs and even expectations that sometimes experience painful disagreement with the faith(s) around which our lives navigate. It can leave us feeling confused, disheartened, longing for a “simpler” time devoid of these complicated social and political issues.

Empty…desiring strong leadership, a path marked the “right way” and sorely tempted to buy into attractively packaged “simple” solutions that are anything but simple and often leave greater problems than they have solved.

Broken and my own practice I hear this again and again-unsure of what the right way to live really is, but sure that considering that question-with an end to answering it, is our most essential life work.

What we do not feel is harmony.

Harmony is peace, tranquility, serenity.

Or is it?

The word is Ancient Greek in origin and it means to fit together, to join. Sounds good so far-isn’t this what we seek in our own lives? Reconciliation with each other, with our time and culture, with our God(s)?

The key is in knowing what is being fitted together and joined, in music harmony is created by joining different pitches, tones, and notes to each each other with the ancient understanding that the whole is greater and more beautiful than the individual parts. The separate tones and pitches though-they may well be dissonant with each other-another musical term that means pretty much the opposite of harmony-disagreement, separation.

Like so many things to a point its a matter of perspective. If you were to listen to only two parts in what should be a four part harmony the sound might be displeasing, cacophonous, it might even be broken and fractured. When joined by the other two parts though that broken sound can soar into something sublime and beautiful-rich in texture and meaning-complete and completely joined.

Harmony is not unison-it is not everyone of us agreeing with everyone else-in our congregations, our neighborhoods, our political communities for the sake of going along to getting along or “niceness.”

Harmony is flat, boring, and actually absent without its inherent tension.

Nor is it simply dissonance-disagreeing to disagree, becoming fossilized and hardened in one way of looking at things and discerning truth from fiction because its easier that way. Harmony emerges from different strands-each unique and each incomplete without the others.

Our differences-with the world in which we live and the faiths by which we abide are too often seen as a lack or indication that something has gone terribly awry instead of the sign of our continued, vigorous, search for that which is holy, blessed, and true.

To our own ears the voices sound rough, unruly, and separate from one another and the Divine-but I wonder amidst that feeling of loneliness, does the Divine hear something whole, complete, and beautiful?

So my petition for the day for you is-May you experience harmony in your life-the real kind-that is full of the kind of creative tensions that births the stars and beauty that simply shines forth!


Petition for the Day: May you know (and be grateful for) your Limits.

A few days ago I posted this on facebook but I think it needs a repeat:

“Unlimited Economic Growth. This is the pet idea of the Party of Hardheaded Realists. That unlimited growth can be accomplished with limited materials and limited intelligence, only shows the unlimited courage and self-confidence of these Great Minds. That unlimited economic growth implies unlimited consumption, which in turn implies unlimited pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth, only makes the prospect even more unlimited.” Wendell Berry from Sex, Economy, Freedom, & Community

My petition for today:

May we all be limited. May we know our limitations and be grateful for them, for they are the boundaries which keep us honest, impeccable, and full of integrity-in our work, our lives, our relationships, and our hearts.

True confession: Being a mom and running your own amazing company is hard work. Being a mom is hard. Running a company is hard. Doing both…hard! Also, awesome, beautiful, blessed-absolutely yes, but sometimes on the interweb I think the beauty can be overemphasized and the difficulties minimized. I am ridiculously blessed to be able to work from home, bring in great money, and be with my 18 month old joy and light, of that there is no question.

But it is also a challenge. Like when I look on various social networking sites and see that my colleagues can be so much more active-because their early mornings and late evenings are not monopolized by baby stuff, or when I know that I could grow my business even bigger, faster, more profitably if I did not have to allocate so much time a day to, you know, rearing a child. 

Snatching moments when they appear, noticing that many of the wonderful women who preach and teach about marketing, business savvy, and all the rest don’t have children, returning to blog posts after being interrupted for feeding, napping, diaper changing-whatever-and struggling to pick up the thread of thought like so many bristle blocks on the living room floor. Epiphanies happen on the walk to baby day at the library, in the pediatrician’s office, projects of power and prosperity are dreamed up while taking out the diaper trash and can’t be written down until the wee hours of morning when everyone is finally, hopefully, asleep.

But having a business, a child, a thriving family simply accentuates something that we all-men, women, moms or not have to deal with-limitations. My time is limited-having a baby just makes it more clear-but it was true before and it will be true once he is, God willing, all grown up. My energy is limited-again-always has been, always will be. What I know is that these limits are not something to be overcome, transcended, broken through-they are present in my life as reminders that there are natural limits all the time. No one eco-system can support all forms of life.  Trees, plants, animals, water sources-typically grow within a limited space with limited food supply and limited support-this is a healthy ethic. When they are unbounded or unlimited they choke out other species, the flood, they catch fire.

Growing monocultures like corn year after year, season after season is an example of unlimited growth-and you know what? It kills. It kills the soil, it kills diversity, it kills the life of a small farm and the small scale economy that is natural and needed for the farm to survive. Unlimited growth is seen in corporations-that pollute, deceive, and concern themselves only with the bottom line. Unlimited growth might mean I make more money, have more clients, get to spend time on this social media place or that-but it doesn’t make my life better-it doesn’t make me a better person, it certainly doesn’t make me a better mother, and I know its not good for business either.

We don’t like thinking about our limits. Listen to our political discourse and you know its true-unlimited money, unlimited health care, unlimited military spending, unlimited education, unlimited war mongering, unlimited jobs and on, and on-both sides—we like expansiveness, we have a can-do attitude, where there’s a will there’s a way and if that road is closed we will just make a new one. I think some of this is good-it comes out of our Democratic belief that circumstance should not be a limiting factor on who you can be and what you can achieve, all minority groups have benefited from it in part and we have collectively accomplished great things.

But when we look to nature we see limits-and we may find how richly life thrives when limits are embraced and accepted. We spend so much time wanting to grow, develop, progress, make more, do more, see more that we forget to stand strongly where we are right now in this moment, after all, it could be our last. That’s the ultimate limit-Death-and what a sorry day it will be if we ever overcome it-for its presence is what makes life blessed and precious-it is by knowing intimately our limits that we find true expansion, good work, shining presence.


May we all be limited. May we know our limitations and be grateful for them, for they are the boundaries which keep us honest, impeccable, and full of integrity-in our work, our lives, our relationships, and our hearts.


When the Answer is NO

The guy that just won’t call you back.

The lady that gently refuses all advances.

The ex who isn’t going to return to you-not now, not ever.

The boss who sits you down to tell you why they went with your co-worker for the promotion.

Your friend who picked the other person to go to the party with.

The poem that got rejected.

Calls that weren’t made, letters that weren’t written, paths not taken. NO.


Sometimes the answer is simply no. 

NO can be painful, soul crushing, a sucker punch to the solar plexus, a smacking your face right up against the sheer cliff of reality-where faith seems very small indeed.

NO can be liberating, freeing, a gleaming, bright truth that you can set your lights by and follow to a deep(er) & true(er) sense of direction, purpose, joy.

In my own experience NO is something I hate to hear-and when I look back a year later, I am almost always thankful that I did hear it-thankful for the doors that have closed firmly and finally in my face. Thankful that option was taken off the table. Happy to have that path once and for all decided on as the one I will not be traveling this lifetime, thank you very much.

NO requires a sharp intake of breath, a sizzle of electricity over the skin, the bottom of your stomach falling out, a moment to mourn for what could have been. You can stay there-in that hopeless place for as long as you choose.

Or you can rise up to meet NO with “what if…”, “could it be…”, “maybe now…”. 

NO can challenge you to stretch yourself, go upside down, turn it around, STOP engaging in actions and behaviors that do not serve you or those around you.

NO might just free up your energy to get on with doing what you really need to be doing.

My advice when confronted with a NO?

Don’t let it suck your faith out of you. Consider that your faith might be deeper & more full of grace than you ever knew-and that this NO might just be the beginning of you getting down to business and doing what you really need to be doing in this one, sweet, short life.

Meet it. Face it.

My petition for you? Take the power of NO for your own, put it to work for you and don’t give yourself, your passion, your faith over to it.

You never know what is just around the bend & its not what you are told-its what you do with it that makes all the difference.