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Working Between the Worlds: The Fallacy of Having it all Figured Out


We find this attitude in teachers, business mentors, self-development coaches, and all too often among Sacred Artists. It has been around forever but in the age of high octane technology where safeguards and accountability checks are nil it is especially pernicious. I am talking about the “I’ve got it all figured out” mentality. It’s not overstating the case to say that this attitude is not only lethal to many a burgeoning business but also to living honestly and with full integrity.

People who have the attitude that they have it all figured out love to preach but do not like being questioned. They are often fans of blueprints, “Six Steps to Success” type programs, and above all, the sound of their own voice. They lecture and discourage free flowing conversation. Teachers who have this attitude rarely or never acknowledge their own teachers, seldom admit that they were ever students, and certainly do not seek out other teachers (Why would they? They have it all figured out!). In business some people with this mentality like to pretend that they always had it all figured out. Their website was on the perfect platform day one, they always knew all about the difference between push and pull marketing, and their mailing list grew from 6 to 60k in 60 days. Mmmhmm.

My irritation with this “I’ve got it all figured out” fallacy is that, first of all, it’s a total pile of BS. Secondly, it takes all the FUN out of learning, creating, and building anything–whether that’s a new recipe you are trying out for the first time or your very first website. I’m sure you all know this but in case, somehow, you don’t here it is: You never have it all figured out.

The dishonesty bit of this mentality is easy enough to understand but the losing the fun part is a bit more subtle. The first author who pointed this out to me was Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms. Joel reminded me that the beauty of doing small scale anything–business, cooking, lotion making, planting, etc,–is that you get to EXPERIMENT. Yes! You can try out different things! Maybe the way that everyone else prices themselves actually does really work for you…or maybe it doesn’t! Maybe you like making small batches of face cream or maybe you don’t. Or maybe you want to try adding more lavender oil the next time around. The point is…we get to play! When you have it all figured out you don’t get to play. You get to be a know it all. Having been the poster child for school girl know it all let me tell you–that role is seriously overrated.

Maybe your first go at a website will be crap–mine sure was. Maybe the first offering you launch failed–it happens! As we say in Texas, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on the horse (We don’t all have horses in Texas btw). I see the need for having it all figured out keep people from pursuing their dreams on a pretty regular basis and that breaks my heart. I see Sacred Artists especially effected by this obstacle…and to my mind that is not acceptable. I’m all for identifying knowledge and skill gaps and seeking out the appropriate teachers and support. I believe that making practical plans is the only way to ground your big vision in the here and now where it can actually become something tangible. I also think that we are kidding ourselves if we say that we are waiting until the day we have it all figured out. That day? Never coming. Meanwhile…we are waiting for you to bring your awesome.

New Year Prosperity: tips and tricks to spruce up your pocketbook


We are still in January and for many of us there is still a strong drive to create lasting prosperity in this New Year, yes? The trick, of course, is knowing how one might best go about creating that prosperity. Here are some of my favorite tricks and tip to feather your nest and, maybe, if you are lucky, discover a golden egg!

1.) New Year=New Wallet. If last year’s cash flow was not all it could have been, why don’t you spend some money on getting a brand new wallet? Your wallet or billfold is the home where your money lives–you want it to be a home fitting for lots of cash, right?

Choose a color that is traditionally associated with prosperity and abundance like green (for money cash and growth), red (for power and authority in the world of personal finance and beyond), royal blue (the planetary color associated with abundance creating Jupiter), or yellow/gold (for um, more gold!)

2.) Dress 3 $100 bills with a prosperity enhancing sachet powder and place them in your wallet. When we carry larger bills like Benjamins or even $50′s, we are less likely to break them which translates to less likely to spend on frivolous items.

3.) If possible, get a wallet that has a change purse and use your change frequently–leave it as tips, hand it out to panhandlers–moving change in and out of your wallet keeps the current of money moving in your life.

4.) Take all non essential cards, especially credit cards out of your wallet for daily use. If you don’t have access to your cards you can’t use them. Bam!

5.) Put a tiny lodestone in your wallet to attract and draw more money.

6.) Put a tiny piece of iron pyrite in your wallet OR a piece of real gold. Even a gold earring will work because like attracts like.

7.) Sprinkle sassafras and cinquefoil (five finger grass) in the area where your paper money goes–a pinch works great. Sassafras has long been worked with to make each dollar stretch and cinquefoil is believed not only to bless all that your five fingers do but also to encourage others to favor you.

8.) Choose one area to work on when it comes to financial health. Do you need to draw more in the way of income or lower existing debt? Make a plan of action that includes PRACTICAL steps for you to do. Dedicate a section of your home to this work and only this work.

9.) If you are currently looking for employment make sure you read my tips on Job Getting–they really do work!

10.) If you have not already done so, download the Magnetizing Manifestation phone fest. It’s free and full of more useful information on attracting abundance big time!

Psst! Want to learn more about how to work with planets like Jupiter to increase your prosperity and financial health? It’s your lucky day because I am teaching a class  in February that will answer that question and many more. Head over here to check it out and register!


Working Between the Worlds: Under the Hood

I am so excited about my newest offering for those of you working in the Sacred Arts-Working Between the Worlds one on one sessions. Working Between the Worlds is a program I developed because quite frankly I was sick and tired of seeing amazing people and services go under because the money wasn’t there. I feel passionately that our world needs all the metaphysical and spiritual gifts we all have to offer-and I know that centuries of feeling like we have to remain in the shadows has done its work on all of us. Too many talented artists, readers, ritualists, energy workers, and spirit workers are hiding their lights or feel grateful for making enough money from their gifts to barely pay rent. I say enough of this nonsense. Spiritual work should be sustainable and create bounty in your life-these are the conditions that allow us to be of greatest service. This new blog series will feature one post a month that goes through some of the tips and tricks I have used successfully to turn my own business into a solid six figure sacred arts enterprise.


Probably the question I get asked most about business is how I balance it all-how do I write and publish articles, serve clients, make spiritual products and charms, participate in interviews, keep up the blog, keep up the website, and take care of a two year old without breaking a sweat?


Well, first off I can say that I have definitely broken more than one sweat in my workday! Secondly, the first year I worked CRAZY hours, now I work less, have deep relationships with my clients, and enjoy every moment of this wild ride. So here is a look under the Milagro Roots hood-these are people and services who have proved invaluable for me-many of them are free or have free trials-and they can dramatically change your business.

On the Web 

Hootesuite-I loooove Hootesuite because it makes social networking and social marketing way easier. They have a free trial-imagine, your FB, Twitter, Tumblr, and G+ profiles all in one place?  Beautiful!

Aweber­-I have tried all the various email marketing services and I love Aweber best of all. Yes, there is a monthly fee but its worth it.

Audio Acrobat-This is an awesome service for recording phone calls, meditations, and anything that you want to be able to send to your clients and have them easily download. I love recording my intuitive readings because it gives both myself and the client something to refer back to. They offer a one month FREE trial.

Instant Teleseminar-I have used this service for the Milagro Roots phone fests and I am super happy with their customer service and products-you can try it for a month for ONE dollar!

Bitly-awesome for making links short and beautifully organized. FREE

Dropbox- Drop box is FREE and it’s a perfect way to back up files-can we say Mercury in Retrograde?-and to share files with clients.

Trello-is a fantastic tool that I use to organize ritual tasks, store photos, and keep my projects all lined up-its FREE!

Dispatch-another great organizational tool that my team uses so that we all know what we are working on, what we have accomplished, and what remains to be done-clean and pretty and FREE!


People who rock:

Alex Franzen-copywriter and book author extraordinaire, Alexandra can do wonders with your copy and her scripts are inexpensive and can help you write anything-from your coming out letter, to your manifestor, to drool worthy product copy. I have, ahem, contributed to her 100 Ways to Play with Yourself booklet.

Erika Lyremark-kick ass stripper turned business coach. She dishes out FREE whippings and you want to get in on them because Erika is full of creativity, clarity, and no bull. Check her stuff out at her Morning Whip headquarters.

Theresa Reed-Theresa is my partner in crime for our monthly Talking Shop Tele-Rap series and her Mystical Moguls program is a wonderful and inexpensive way to dip your toe into the waters of biz advice specifically geared to metaphysical moguls (hint: that’s you!)

Youngblood Sourcery-Cassie and Hillary keep my site beautiful and my copy fresh-love these girls!

Sunflower Virtual Solutions-Monica is my right hand virtual assistant and she is awesome pure and simple.

Rebecca Pollock-for all of you who LOVE my labels-Rebecca is the creative genius behind them. She specializes in delicious graphics that are delivered on time.

If you start using a couple of these products and/or working with a few of these folks your way of thinking about and doing your business will change and you will be oh so happy about it.

Till next month!

Do it for love-when making money, marketing, and “developing” your business can be deadly distractions

Continuing the theme around unconventional wisdom from last week...There is a lot out there right now about doing work for your market, your audience, your branding, your tribe and of course the money.  So much content is written about money-and especially the relationship between women and money.

I think its fantastic by and large. There are so many women out there who are afraid to ask for what they are worth-to assign a dollar value to their work-and I do feel collectively like movement is happening around this issue. Women are stepping up to the financial plate more and more.

Its especially insidious then, the way that our work gets intertwined with our need to thrive economically. They are obviously connected as many of us get paid for our work and many more of us dream of taking our heart’s deepest desire and creating a career around it-visions of doing what we love and getting paid for it dance in our heads and we are told that we can, we can–especially after we buy this product, use this method, write the sales page this way.

Its all bullshit.

There is ONE, uno, un, 1 motivating force that illuminates your work and your life.


Consider this quote:

“One of the few things I know about writing is this: spend it all, shoot it, play it, lose it, all, right away, every time. Do not hoard what seems good for a later place in the book, or for another book; give it, give it all, give it now. The impulse to save something good for a better place later is a signal to spend it now. Something more will arise for later, something better. These things fill from behind, from beneath, like well water. Similarly, the impulse to keep to yourself what you have learned is not only shameful, it is destructive. Anything you do not give freely and abundantly is lost to you. You open your safe and find ashes.”

Annie Dillard from The Writing Life

Those are the words of someone who does what she does for love. “Anything you do not give freely and abundantly is lost to you. You open your safe and find ashes.”

Notice how she did not say “anything you do not give freely and abundantly after calculating your bottom line, changing out that sentence that came straight from your heart for one with that’s more targeted to your “audience” or “marketing yourself correctly” is lost to you?

No. She is saying-give it away, right bloody now or you have failed!

You can feel the love permeating every word in that quote. It shines out like a bright beacon.

Does she get paid for her writing, hell yes! Should you get paid for your work? Absolutely. But would you do it anyway? Even if you did not get paid would you do your work? As Gillian Welch says in her song “Everything is Free“:

Someone hit the big time/they figured it out.

We’re gonna do it anyway/even if it doesn’t pay.

That’s how you know if its the work of your heart or not. You do it-because doing anything else is just not compelling. You do it because you are in love with it. If I have the choice to be with my husband and son or someone else-my husband and son win, every time, hands down, no contest. I love them! They are my own special ones! Compared to them everything else is just a little flat.

Don’t’ get me wrong. I have coaches that I adore, I seek out professional training when I need it-I have spent good money on learning about marketing-but all of these things are nothing, less than nothing if the love is not there-pushing, stretching, motivating me.

We are surrounded right now by a lot of well intentioned bad advice.

Our desire-especially us ladies-to get paid what we are worth and to attribute real worth to what we do is awesome-but it also renders us open and vulnerable to marketing and sales pastiche-and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how you write that sales letter because baby, if you are not in love with what you are doing then you shouldn’t be doing it!

If you do it for love, real love, then you do it right because:

–love is demanding-it expects the best-it motivates you to be better

–love is wise-it sees through fakes and hacks with x-ray vision

–love is undeniable–sooner or later it will force you to sit down and do what needs to be done

–love returns-real love is reciprocal-not balanced, not tit for tat-but it will give back whatever you put into it-often when you least expect it and most need it.

–love speaks for itself-when you see a person in love you know that they are blessed by angels right there and then-there is a transcendent and untouchable quality to their lives-even if they are killed in a terrible accident we know their soul is untouched and blessed.

–love tells the truth, let’s the chips fall where it may, and trusts-because tomorrow is another day and another chance to love.

If you are doing what you love and making awesome money then rock on!

If you are not doing what you love and making awesome money then try to do a little bit more of what you love everyday-just for you and your angels.

If you are doing what you love and not making money-you have options and you need to know this before you call it quits:

you can do something else to make money, you can look around and see where your work is broken or not translating and what people or supports around you might be able to help you with that problem.

You can scale back your plans and dreams and let’s be honest-shoe budget.

What you cannot do is commit infidelity.

Don’t cheat yourself, your angels, the best lights of your heart.

Now, you might realize you were wrong about your love-most of us have been from time to time, and you may need to correct your oversight, but if you turn your back on your true love then the angels take note, the faeries narrow their eyes, your muse shrugs her shoulders and shuts the door…the loss to you and those around you is incalculable. I promise you-however hard it is to be true to your love, it will be that much harder to deny it.

So don’t.


For the Working Girls (and boys too)…

image of love from the fantastic supercoco


This week I had the opportunity to counsel several clients on work with a capital W–theirs were not questions about how to get and keep just any job, no. They wanted to know what job was best for them, which of course opened up a conversation that goes something like this:

Me: “So when you say best–what does that look and feel like to you?”

Client I adore: “umm…well, I want to have time to do the things I love to do, I want to make a difference, I want to be able to not worry about if my kids will be ok…”

Me: “So you need time, work that has meaning, and abundant cash-flow, yes?”


Me: “Are you there? Did I lose you?”

Client: (in stunned voice) “can I say that? Can I want ALL of that? Is that OK?”

Me: “Why wouldn’t you want exactly those things? Why would those things not be ok? Are you not ok with the idea of doing what you love?”

Client: “Well, I just, uh, didn’t think it was possible, but you say it so simply”…

And the conversation went on from there-we were able to get pretty specific about what “good money” means-I like to work with hard numbers-and what the type of work is that she loves to do and WHY its imperative to start with love.

When we are making career decisions (and for the record, yes, a career decision can be getting brave enough to send in that article or take pictures of your knitting for your Etsy store, or posting flyers around your neighborhood touting your organizational mojo) we have to start with love. My dad, a successful businessman is the one who taught me this lesson first, but every teacher and mentor who I work with to this day agrees-begin with your love, your passion, your place of shining supernova bright-the work that is calling to you is work that you love.

Here are some of the things that happen when you start with love…

–the work becomes fun

–the cash flows

–the meaning is there for everyone to see

–you are invested from day one, you give a damn

–your work does not drain, it revitalizes, invigorates and blesses

If you are doing something you love, treating it like the work it is–a way to support yourself and be of service to others and you are not experiencing the above then something is not up to par-nothing in you necessarily, but perhaps in the way you are framing your mission, supporting yourself-financially and otherwise, or speaking to your audience. For me the easiest way to get back on track is to start with the question: do I still love this?” and to follow that up with “what do I love about it?” That gives you a crystalline purpose so you can get on with the business of rocking.

Here’s to more love and wild prosperity-go get ‘em!


10 Job-Getting Tips

1.) Show Up–drop off that resume and cover letter in person. Everyone tells you to apply through via email but if you do what everyone else does it is that much harder to stand out! People who appear in person tell the folks hiring that they are eager and invested.

2.) Clean it up! Check all of your social networking sites like Face Book, Myspace, Twitter, and whatever else you use. Potential Employers look at that kind of stuff. Clean it up, look professional, land the job.

3.) Dress your resume and cover letter with a sachet powder designed to increase prosperity, make people like you, and draw a good paying job your way.

4.) Get fancy+formal–taking the extra time and effort to put on nice clothes, do your hair, and apply make up (if a lady) sends the potential employer BIG non verbal cues that you are serious and will put effort into the tasks they have for you.

5.) Create a lodestone altar for magnetic attraction & abundance 

6.) Be ballsy! Request an interview when you drop off your resume and cover letter. Let the people you meet know that you are serious and seriously interested. Ask if the manager, supervisor, or boss is in the house and if they would be willing to sit down with you for five minutes to hear why you are the person they have been looking for. Remember, fortune never favors the faint of heart.

7.) If you do not hear back from them in a week, give a call back on the following Tuesday or Wednesday (don’t call on Monday, everyone is too busy). CALL, do not email. Pick up the phone and CALL.

8.) Exercise discernment–do not apply for everything. Apply for the positions that look like they would be the best fit.

9.) Be positive, upbeat, and honest. If you need benefits and you are applying for a job where they don’t kick in for six weeks, tell them upfront that’s a deal breaker. Employers appreciate honesty.

10.) As we say in candle workset it & forget it. Once you have shown up, spoken you piece, and handed in your goods, it’s now the waiting game. Follow up with a phone call the next week but then let it go and focus on the next task at hand.


Miss Bri’s Job-Hunting Mojo Hand

1 mojo bag

1 whole piece gravel root

1 whole piece High John the Conqueror

1 small piece Master Root

pinch calamus root

pinch solomon’s seal root

pinch deer’s tongue leaf

pinch five finger grass

pinch alkanet

4 all-spice berries

1 small lodestone

nail trimmings (to bless the work of your hands)

hair from your head (to bless the work of your mind)




Affluence & Assumptions

Oil & Water.

Fire & Ice.

Affluence & Assumptions.

Some things don’t mix.

Tax season is upon us and many of my consultations have dealt with the issues of money & business. I love talking cash+profit. Brainstorming about how people can make more money & haul more lucre into their businesses is one of my favorite things to do. What I have noticed this year–what I have been playing with–is the intersection between assumptions & affluence.

It was through firsthand experience that I learned its both possible & profitable to shelve assumptions and self-limiting thoughts.

Milagro Roots would never have been born if I had not done exactly that…I started the business during the financial collapse of 2008 and went full time into it at the beginning of 2009-when we still had not “recovered”–whatever that word means.

In speaking with clients I became aware of how frequently I heard language and thoughts that were couched in assumptions such as…

“I know I won’t do as well as I did last year because I lost that employee/account/connection/retail space…”

“my entire industry is in a downturn right now, chances for success this year are slim to none…”

“my broker retired, now I have this new guy and he just doesn’t seem to get me…” 

“I am creatively fried…there is nothing more to give my business and I have no way out…

Sound familiar? Sound like some of the words that might be wailing on the self-pity violin in your head? The truth is that none of these ideas are real or factual. They are opinions, assumptions, baneful little mind weeds that took root in & were nourished by your fear & negative self-talk. Stop. Right. Now.

Take a breath and look up at the sky–wide, open, limitless. Since the full moon will be in Virgo on Thursday (read: earth sign Virgo+Jupiter ruled Thursday=cha-ching!) this week let’s practice a little fiscal+mental conjure & turn these dead-end, dull, & useless assumptions around:


“Thank the Universe that I lost that employee/account/connection/retail space! Talk about an albatross around my neck–finally I can breathe again and get on with what needs getting done!”

“My entire industry is in a downturn which means that its my time to shine baby! No one touches my level of expertise and ability, what better time to stand out from the crowd and make my mark?!”

“My broker retired. He did right by me but I am excited to see if this new fellow will be open to X, Y, & Z ideas that my old guy never went for.” (And remember, in this case, you can always walk away from the table and work with someone else)

“I am creatively fried…which means I need to rest, recuperate, and give myself space-and man, can we say V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!”


Get your ritual on:

Wednesday evening light a black or white candle dressed with a banishing type oil and put those negative thoughts underneath it. Let the candle burn all the way down and take any remains to a 4 way crossroads-bury them or if everything is ash spread the ashes to the 4 winds.

Then on Thursday get a white, yellow or purple candle and place your positive cash-ffirmations underneath it. Dress it with an oil for attracting good things to you (or olive oil that you have charged up through prayer, chanting, or general good vibes) and allow it to burn on Thursday evening-drenched in the full moon light. Bury those remains in your front yard or in a container plant near your front door (to usher in wealth+abundance of course!).


Blessings+Bountiful Affluence,

Eight Ways to increase your Abundance, like right now…

Did you know that the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi has no less that 8-EIGHT incarnations of wealth & abundance? In the West we tend to think of her as a spiritual figure who guides & guards our financial wealth-but she is also petitioned for fame, beauty, food, and children among other things. Because wealth & superlative abundance have many different forms. In honor of her, I give you 8 ways to create instant abundance right now…


1.) Pay yourself first. This is sage financial advice and its true. When that paycheck comes in, the first payment should go to you. Even if its only $20-put it in savings, use the cash in a Seed Money Ritual-pay yourself. You are worth it.

2.) Give yourself time. I am a “stay at home” mom and I have my own business so I understand how difficult it is to carve out time on a regular basis to just…be. I also know from first hand experience that few things make me feel wealthier than having an hour to do…whatever I want. Find time on a weekly basis, if you can, on a daily basis. Put it in the calendar. It is sacred. It is yours. Go crazy.

3.) Cook a meal at home. Put on some music, dig out the recipe book, crack open a bottle of wine (or your beverage of choice) and get your Betty Crocker on! Cooking at home is way cheaper than eating out and makes you feel closer (and more appreciative) of your food.

4.) Don’t buy cut flowers, plant living ones. Nothing makes me feel more abundant than sitting in my swing and looking at freshly planted pansies, roses, or impatiens. If you are in a place where you don’t want to plant (for whatever reason) get an orchid or potted houseplant instead. Beautiful+Green+Living

5.) Buy fruits and veggies in season-they are ripe and less expensive. Don’t know where to start? Go to your local farmer’s market. If you really get into it consider joining a CSA-Crop Sharing Association. These cost money upfront but are way cheaper in the long run. You support a local farm and get the best produce at its peak season.

6.) Have a monthly splurge-that doesn’t stress your budget. Splurging is awesome. Splurging and then stressing sucks. I have done both. The trick to a successful splurge is to define something that is: a.) genuinely enjoyable to you and b.) genuinely not stressful to your budget. I love pedicures. When I was in college and had no cash I found places that would do them for $15. But I have a friend who feels stressed out whenever she gets her toes done so that splurge would not work for her. Find something that YOU really like and then make sure that the price point fits the bill. If it doesn’t, ask if there are times and days when discounts happen or in some cases a trade might be an option.

7.) Give to charity and feed the homeless. Nothing will make you more grateful, period. You may not think its much, but a dollar can be a lifesaver.

8.) Ornament yourself. The Sanskrit word for ornament means jewel & cosmos. As in the cosmos can be found in the smallest decoration of beauty & devotion. Maybe you have been lusting after jewels & gold and its finally time to go for it. Maybe its the new Chanel lipstick shade. Maybe its the awesome scarf with little mirrors sustainably made and fairly traded-whatever item of beauty is rocking your world-don’t wait for “someday”-small beauties can make you feel decadently blessed-because you are.

And one to grow on…be a blessing to others. When you pass blessings along they come back to you and then some…promise!



Seed Money Ritual


Got some money from the holiday season and not sure what to do with it? Consider creating an abundance altar for yourself and use the cash as “seed” money for this ritual.

You will need: 

  •  Take the cash and write your full name under the name of the US Treasurer on each bill. Then under the name of the Secretary of the Treasurey’s name write the following petition: “Money Come, Money Stay, Money Grow.


  • Anoint each bill in a 5 spot pattern (4 corners & center) with the oil-a dab is fine!
  • Brush the Sassafras root across the bills-brush the root towards you-then take the root pieces and place them in your wallet or billfold. Sassafras is a root that is known to help you keep your cash and also to make your dollar stretch.
  • Place your stack of cash underneath your lodestone. Make sure you baptize your lodestone by giving it some whisky, anoint it with the same oil you used on your cash, and feed it some magnetic sand. Place a bit of your hair on top of the cash and underneath the lodestone.
  • Pray the 23rd Psalm OR a prayer for abundance straight from your heart. If you feel called, light a candle during this time.

This is your seed money for the year. That means you are not going to go out and spend it willy nilly-you are going to save it and spend it on something that really matters and can make you MORE money. So you might spend it on a new pair of shoes that you need to go to that fancy job interview. Or you might spend it on a big ticket item that your business needs to kick it up a notch. Add to the money every week by gathering up lose bills and change and placing them under the lodestone. Remember to feed your lodestone sand on a regular basis.

Let the abundance flow!



How To Create Space for Abundance

One of the first things that I ask people when we get on the subject of making money, keeping cash, and letting the good times roll–is–what is on your prosperity altar? And often the reply is some version of “huh?” I work and teach in several different magic and ritual traditions-and creating space in your place for prosperity and abundance is advised in all of them…

Because if you can’t be bothered to dedicate a tiny bit of space to keeping the abundant good things in life flowing then you have already shut so many doors to your potential growth. So…for those of you who want a step by step, play by play of how to do this, sit back, get a cup of tea, and enjoy the ride!

  • Choose your space–it can be a room, a corner of a room, a window ledge. When we do prosperity and abundance ritual work we are usually hoping and praying to increase our abundance, our earning potential, the size of our wallets so I like to place these types of altars in the East. In some traditions East is associated with the season Spring-when all plants are beginning to sprout and grow and become, you guessed it, abundant! In other traditions East is associated with the strengthening of the sun (which of course rises in the East)-as the sun rises and gains in strength so may our fortunes. If you don’t have a place in the east where you can dedicate space then choose the North-that direction is associated with the element of Earth and also auspicious for money making.
  • Dedicate your space–I am not talking about performing some fancy ritual–I am talking about dedicating your space in order to set it apart. Since you are working on the ideas of abundance/cash/money/security/and wealth you want to set this space apart with items that resonate to those themes. Material or items that are green are an obvious choice. I like to use living plants in my personal abundance altar. Gold coins, cash money, toads and frogs (which are associated with financial flow in China, parts of South American, and in certain Native American tribes) might appeal to you. If you are not overwhelmed with a million ideas its ok-put down a piece of green or gold material, place a candle in the center, and consider your options. Altar building is an art.
  • Gather your materials–Are you going to pray, burn candles, recite a specific mantra, or work with a lodestone or prosperity box? What is your ritual? If you are not sure what types of rituals are appropriate or speak to you start with something simple-maybe an incense stick burning as you consider a new way to bring wealth+abundance into your life. You can also get some ideas about your attitudes regarding wealth and abundance during an intuitive counseling session-so if you are really stuck on this, consider that. Traditionally these are some of the items you might find on a prosperity altar:
  • green or gold candles
  • incense
  • cash and coins
  • oils to draw money and abundance
  • herbs and roots to draw money and abundance
  • matches
  • figures of Deities/icons/ancestors that support you in your desire for an abundant life
  • journals/books/magazines that assist you with planning and creating abundance
  • Summon your allies–In pretty much every religious tradition there are Saints, Gods, Goddesses, or Holy Figures that are associated with drawing wealth on every possible level (material, intellectual, spiritual, etc). Consider your tradition and the tradition(s) that resonate with you. Is there a figure that you believe might assist you in your endeavors to create more prosperity in your life? What about icons from history or popular culture? Anyone that just screams WEALTH! to you? And finally, consider your background and ancestors. With a little digging you are sure to uncover some truly remarkable individual who had financial savvy.
  • Bless your projects–What are you working on? What project or idea or craft are you dedicated to that just thrills you? What amount of money would you like to be making? What forms of abundance do you most need in your life right now? An altar is not just a conversation piece or a pretty decoration. An altar is where you bring your hopes, dreams, fears, successes, and failures. It is where we go to seek blessings and to acknowledge and bless ourselves. Show up to your altar-work at it and use it on a daily basis-consistent and meaningful ritual practice will begin to create magnificent and positive prosperity for you almost immediately-try it!