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Encounters with AIRR: Dr. Johannes

Though I have only met him in person one time, Dr. Johannes always stands out to me as bringing the best qualities to light both as a root worker and a person. I know him to be incredibly honest with his clients and never willing to allow people to think that magic alone will see them through. His knowledge and scholarly interest in various kinds of folk magic is impressive in breadth and scope, and he also is one of the few members of AIRR based in Europe! Please give him a warm, Milagro Roots style welcome!

JohannesWhat is your philosophy on magic and root work?

Magic, root work, and spells, like any other kind of medicine, requires more than a pill. It requires a person able to give an accurate and proper diagnosis. Seeing the clients situation and the right keys to deliver what they want is crucial to successful spells and remedies. Spells without divination is often like shooting in the dark.

What are your favorite types of cases and why?

My favorite types of cases are study spells for kids and un-crossings. I cannot help but love the result when a kid, suffering from various difficulties suddenly get a kick out of learning and are able to pick up knowledge with joy. The reason why I love un-crossings is the immense gratitude I get from people whose lives have been a mess due to crossed conditions and the joy they express when curses are removed and their lives are changed.

If you could give prospective clients one piece of advice, what would it be?

My advice would be to twofold – first: think about what the next step would be if a spell is successful. Let´s say you get your cheating ex. back due to a reconciliation spell. Or you get that raise due to a money drawing spell. What it the next step? Will that ex stay for long? What will you do with the money? Never assume anything about the future. Plan it. This requires good guidance, so praying for such guidance should be a habit. The second is to always follow the advice of your root worker if you have been given baths or things to do yourself. Never compromise with a ritual. If you do not want to rise at sunrise to do that bath or if you do not want to get your hair wet then your work is weak and so is your desire. We all know that clients like that are the most likely to mess up a spell. It is like a sick person eating candy instead of the given medicine.

Find Dr. Johannes on the World Wide Web:

Trolldom Facebook Group: Traditional Nordic Folk Magic

Encounters with AIRR: Devi Spring

What is your philosophy on magic and root work?

devi-springI believe that magic needs be healing at its core – it should be bringing and reestablishing harmony and balance. You can certainly attract or redirect a certain force towards yourself using rootwork, but you need to be properly prepared to truly receive the blessings in order for them to take root and manifest.

Most clients that come to me wanting to change something about their lives – more luck in love, increasing their financial security, greater mental/emotional happiness – have experienced a certain undesirable condition for some time, and under repeated circumstances over a long period of time. So I feel a greater portion of magical work should be focused on identifying, acknowleging, and then working to heal the things within yourself that is allowing the unwanted patterns to recur within your life. Very often by changing a core belief, altering habituated reactions and approaches, or finally facing a trauma that has caused a soul-deep injury with associated armoring, the whole energy around a situation and person will dramatically shift finally allowing the positive manifestations they have been long hoping for.

So my approach to magic and rootwork is very much based in personal healing and empowerment of the client. I do my best to listen between the lines of the problem clients are presenting to me, for what the deeper issue at work is. I imagine that my extensive background as a Usui Reiki Master has colored my approach, as in that healing work the headache a client comes in with is very rarely the actual problem – it may be the perpetual stress from work, or supressing the pain stemming from a toxic relationship that is causing the headache. I would, of course, treat the headache to relieve the immediate discomfort, but I would need to identify and begin to work to untangle and heal the root cause of the headahes so that they would not recurr. It’s the same in my rootwork practice.

Crafting balance and harmony within the client themselves is my primary focus. If I can facilitate their personal healing journey, often the negative condition will clear itself. While they embark on the core work of personal change, I work with them to help alleviate the symptoms and negative effects of their current condition, helping to attract the types of energies & good fortune they want to start claiming. Spiritual cleansings, uncrossings, and road openings are always a big part of this stage of things. I am there to help guide the deeper healing processes as we clean the slate and make way for new abundance.

What are your favorite types of cases and why?

devi 2

Until a client is in a place where they are ready to do make the personal changes that will permit the more sweeping shifts in their position, I find magic can often bring only temporary changes.

I work best with clients who are willing and able to be proactive in the work – setting time and energy aside to do the work that is indicated for them, really taking control of their lives. I love crafting custom items like fixed oil lamps, bottle spells, mojo bags, conjure packets and the like that clients then take on and use to start shifting things within their lives and themselves. It’s so enjoyable for me working Spirit into those items, knowing someone with great resolve and in a place to really utilize them well is going to be receiving the Divine blessings that they can help provide. While these fleeting windfalls of good fortune are valuable, they are unable to really anchor into a person’s life for the long-haul. So my favorite types of cases involve clients who have come to that place where they are truly committed to making a change in their life. They can listen and hear the information that the divinations, and my own intuitive advice brings forward to them, and are willing to take steps to begin doing the deep work. We can then both follow and rejoice in the impressive shifts that begin occuring!

I also really enjoy being able to introduce clients to spiritual allies, such as saints and archangels, that will have their back and aid them going forward. Learning how to develop a relationship with a spirit, and to be able to reap the benefits that such a relationship brings, is a wonderful boon. Coaching people through that process, especially when a spirit has communicated to me that they specifically are eager to aid a person and have a spiritual partnership with them, is extremely rewarding. As often as possible, I do my best to forge a new spiritual support system for my clients, to really give them the best chance at long-term success and truly meaningful spiritual empowerment.

If you could give prospective clients one piece of advice, what would it be?

Look at how you can craft greater balance and peace within yourself, and you will find that the outer manifestations of that in your life as a whole will begin to increase exponentially. Invite Divinity to aid and support you in those efforts, and you will be blessed even further.


Find Devi on the World Wide Web: = my etsy store front where all reading and product sales are done = my main informational website (look for a major overhaul in 2014!) = my blog with lots of practical work and articles on magic and rootwork

@HoodooDevi = my Twitter account with lots of personal quips, as well as sale annoucements

Encounters with AIRR: Susan Diamond

I will never forget the first time I walked into Susan’s beautiful Santa Cruz shop Serpent’s Kiss. It is an utterly magical space and the lady who runs it is lovely, warm, and so welcoming to everyone who comes in. I love so many things about Susan and she is such a multi-talented worker and reader. Her wonderful shop and delightful presence add light and love to our community!

In her own words:

Born in NYC, I have had exposure to a diverse cross section of many magical cultures from an early age. I learned the secrets of divination and sympathetic magic as a young child from my matrilineal grandmother, receiving my first tarot deck at age 7. On my Father’s side I inherited the witch blood from my Italian ancestors. Communicating with our dead ancestors was a part of daily life in my family.

My training in the magical arts has continued throughout my life. I have had many wonderful teachers along the way in Conjure, Astrology, Witchcraft, Shamanism, Reiki, Palo, Ifa, Faery.

Nearly 15 years ago I decided to open a shop in response to a desire to bring earth based spirituality & magic back to its roots. Since then I have also created a learning center for alternative faiths and magic so that others may learn and grow.

Recently my community has honored me with the distinction of “Best Psychic” in Santa Cruz County. I was awarded the “Santa Cruz Goldie” in this category for 2012 and 2013.

In my shop, Serpent’s Kiss, I offer my services as a tarot/psychic reader, magical consultant, astrologer, root worker, initiated palera, and shamanic practitioner. I have extensive knowledge of crystals and herbs and ritually prepare many of the items at my shop (candles, oils, incense, sprays, mojo hands, etc.)

As a founding member of AIRR I have have been blessed to work with a community of skilled practitioners.

I am also cofounder of with author/worker Orion Foxwood, and I am a partner/member of Conjure Crossroads along with Orion, Starr Casas, Sindy Todo, and Shimmering Wolf.

As Conjure Crossroads we promote the healing and helping benefits of conjure while demonstrating unity across conjure cultures and diverse spiritual practice. We coordinate and present at 2 major events, one in New Orleans, Folk Magic Festival, and one at my shop Serpent’s Kiss in Santa Cruz, called Conjure Con.

spacespa spa

What is your philosophy on magic and root work?

I believe we all have the ability and the right to create the life that we desire both spiritually and materially. Through our spirit alliances, all is achievable. Those alliances may be made with our ancestors and other spirits of the dead, the spirits of plants, animals, minerals, forces of nature, deity, angels, faery, the planets, etc. as well as through our alliances with those that understand how to communicate with, capture, and navigate through, the spirit realm, be they Shaman, Witch, Root Doctor, Priest or Priestess.

What are your favorite types of cases and why?

I don’t think I have a favorite necessarily, but I do get great joy in seeing a client discover their true vocation and embrace it and be prosperous doing what they love. The person who is truly content expressing their natural talents in the world is like a magnet attracting all other things joyful, including right relationships with lovers & friends. I also feel great satisfaction in correcting a wrong doing. Successful justice work, including court case work, is highly gratifying to me and I have a natural affinity for it. I also love helping folks connect with their ancestors. It is a shame in our modern culture that this is so difficult and not a natural extension of our upbringing. But I suppose I wouldn’t call that a “case.” It’s more like my devotional work.

If you could give prospective clients one piece of advice, what would it be?

You can have anything that you want as long as you are willing to give up everything that you have.
I know that sounds a little bold, and having what you want rarely requires giving up “everything.” However, it is exactly our boldness, and willingness to release the ties that bind us to our unhappiness, that leads us to our truest desires. Our biggest obstacles involve hanging on to that which no longer serves us. Cleansing and releasing is the first step in creating. And it is the most important step in all magical practice.

Find Susan on the World Wide Web:

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Encounters with AIRR: Chad ‘Balthazar’ Barber

Balthazar as he is known in the magical community is another fantastic member of AIRR that I am delighted to introduce the Milagro Roots community to.  While Balthazar and I do not know each other personally that well, I have heard nothing but glowing recommendations about him from clients, personally approve of his dapper style and professional bearing, and can attest from the conversations I have had with him a sharp, thoughtful, intellect that is no doubt a boon to those he serves. It is with great delight that I introduce him to you all!

In his own words:

To those who ask what it is that I do for a living, I like to say that I am a professional folk-magician and medium. I was born and raised in South Africa but I now live in Amsterdam (Netherlands); a city with a long and remarkable occult history. In addition to working as a professional folk-magician, I serve my local community free of charge as a medium at popular public spiritist services. While my style of working is firmly rooted in African American conjure, it has undeniably been influenced by Caribbean, European, and South African folk magical traditions. I am a baptized catholic in addition to being a Kardecian spiritualist (Kardec was a catholic), which is why you will also find me working with saints, communicating with the dead, and using holy water and scripture to change conditions. Some of my specialties include: love and reconciliation work; uncrossing and block-busting; ancestral work and money conjure. I am also an avid blogger and writer and have contributed to prestigious publications such as At the Crossroads published by Scarlet Imprint, as well as the Conjure Codex published by Hadean Press.

Find Chad on the World Wide Web:

His AIRR page
His Website 
His Blog


What is your philosophy on magic and root work?

I found that the real art of magic is not simply creating a change – that’s the ‘easy’ part. It’s doing magic that sticks. In aid of this, I have distilled my personal approach down to a few aphorisms that seem to hold true for my own practice, and help create results that stick.

1) Successful magic is 99% divination and 1% conjuration.
2) Treat both the cause AND the symptom of the problem.
3) Combine your spell with practical work on yourself.
4) Go to church.

(If some of these points sound a little cryptic, I unpack each point in this blog post.) But what it all gets at is that a holistic strategy – one that focusses on multiple aspects of a client’s process – seems to bring the most satisfying, and lasting, result.

What are your favorite types of cases and why?

My favorite type of case is where a client comes for, say, a love spell but they see a whole lot of extra additional benefits come out of our work together; including (but not limited to) personal growth and spiritual development. This seems to be a wonderful side-effect of a holistic approach, especially when the client is open-minded and receptive. Another great thing about this is that these clients soon enough start feeling like family because we are working so closely together.

If you could give prospective clients one piece of advice, what would it be?

I would offer the old English proverb: “softly, softly catchee monkey.” Don’t panic; don’t get hasty; and don’t try and force things. Patience always gains the day.

Luck ,
Chad ‘Balthazar’ Barber

Member of AIRR: Independant Association of Readers and Rootworkers

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Encounters with AIRR-Miss Bri Saussy

The Encounters with AIRR series has been fun and educational for many members of my audience. I have many more excellent workers lined up to talk with us about their unique perspectives but I thought that during the month of October I would take a break and give you guys MY answers to the questions!


In my own words:

I am a Woman of Spirit, teacher of magic, and writer of words. I use logical analysis and deep intuitive gifts to help high-achieving, creative, and curious people live joyfully, find their purpose, and share their gifts.

Read my full bio here.



find me on the web:

um…well here of course!

Also on facebook, twitter, pinteresttumblr, instagram, and G+


Listen to the goodness!

Encounters with AIRR: Meet Momma Hen!

Momma Hen is my absolute favorite member of AIRR because she is, among other things, my momma! Her down home, no BS ways are paired with one of the deepest hearts I have ever had the honor of knowing. Momma Hen walks a path devoted to the Divine in Women and the mysteries of unconditional love-she brings love and life wherever she goes and lives a life of pure MAGIC!


Find Momma Hen on the World Wide Web:

At her AIRR site

Her website

And…she is on Facebook too!

Also, check out the beautiful one of a kind altar art petitions we mention in the video!


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Encounters with AIRR: Getting Real with Momma Starr

Momma Starr is one of the truly seasoned members of AIRR. She has grown up with the strong traditions of Hoodoo and Conjure and brings an authentic and down home approach to her style of working. Blessed with a strong and fiery spirit, Starr always makes me feel like she will stand for those who have no one else to stand for them!


In her own words:

I am a published author, teacher and a traditional conjure woman with forty plus years’ experience in rendering services to my community and those needing a helping hand. I am a partner-member in Conjure Crossroads LLC, which is a group of skilled conjure workers and teachers that annually sponsor two workshop-filled events: Conjure Con in Santa Cruz, CA and The Folk Magic Festival in New Orleans. I was born in the foothills of the Cumberland Mountains in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. I carry the spirit and legacy in my mixed bloodline of my ancestors born of slavery, suffering, and oppression that knew no color.

Rockcastle is an intersection of old Appalachia and the rich folk cultures of the Carolinas. Just like my birthplace I am a crossroads of old spiritual traditions from the Deep South fused melodiously with the Spirit of Appalachia into a harmonious tune like bluegrass and the banjo whose enchanting tunes will weave their spell of antiquity and reminiscence deep in your soul. These are the old but strong traditions the foundation and roots of on whose branches my work and experience stands. One thing I stand firm in my belief on is the Holy Trinity and my Ancestors.

Find Starr on the World Wide Web:


What is your philosophy on magic and root work?

For me, Rootwork is a part of my daily life, from the way I clean my home to the way I cook my dinner at night. It is a living part of my life and I think it is a very important part of the mundane world. I think it keeps life at an even flow and prosperity coming in.


What are your favorite types of cases and why?

I don’t know that I have a favorite job. I do a lot of Court Case, Justice, Healing, Road Opening and Power work for clients. I have been a healer since I was seventeen, so I’m a healer first.


If you could give prospective clients one piece of advice, what would it be?

Trust your worker to handle your case. You can’t worry about the success of the case; you have to KNOW the case will be a success. Worry can slow the work down or if it’s strong enough stop the work from being successful. Remember your worker will plant the seed so the tree will grow. Let them do their job.

Encounters with AIRR: Auntie Sindy Todo

 Auntie Sindy is one of the founding members of AIRR and I have been blessed to call her colleague and friend for several years. There are so many things I love about Sindy including her spicy, Southern inspired, approach to all life issues and her keen discernment–this is one worker who will tell you when and where the practical met the magical! She has the ability to conjure up serious prosperity work–no doubt helped by the fact that she is also an accountant. When you need to get the balance sheet of your life in order, Auntie Sindy is the lady to see!

In her own words

Born and raised on the Texas-Louisiana gulf coast and a true Southern Rootworker, my Cajun/Louisiana ancestral gumbo is fully reflected in my conjure and is representative of the blend of cultures found there. I am a conjurer, spiritual coach, energy worker, healer, intuitive, and card & bone reader.

I also serve as a Spiritual Bridge between realms. My gifts are ancestral and passed down to me from my Cajun and Lebanese Grandmothers. An art major in college, and then a motivated manager, I have always been in service to people in every career I’ve ever had from food and beverage to antiques and chocolate. I moved to Seattle, Washington in 1986 to reunite with my beloved and was tapped by Spirit to hone my professional Rootwork shortly thereafter. Through my business, Todomojo, I am honored to work with individuals from around the world. Blessed with a knack for creativity, my specialties include petition and altar work, as well as fashioning a beautiful line of conjure art pieces that I custom design for various types of spell work. I engage daily with my ancestors and frequently receive guidance in dreams and meditation when working and praying for my clients.

In addition to my magical business affiliations, for 14 years in the mundane world I have owned a unique management coaching and accounting business that specializes in working with creative entrepreneurs. My diverse clients include a film editor, documentary director and producer, natural pet food manufacturer, vacation rental property manager, user experience web designer, graphic design firm, and a fabulously successful retail sex shop. I am a partner-member in Conjure Crossroads LLC, which is a collaboration of skilled conjure workers that annually sponsors two workshop-filled events: Conjure Con in Santa Cruz, CA and The Folk Magic Festival in New Orleans. In addition, I am a founding member and organizer of AIRR – Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers, the board treasurer for Missionary Independent Spiritual Church, and the bookkeeper for


On the Web you can find Sindy at:

her official AIRR Page

Todo Mojo

Contact:Auntie Sindy Todo – – 206-898-7820 PST


What is your philosophy on magic and rootwork?

I’m a practical gal and a creative whirlwind that listens and lives in spirit. From there I am guided in my work. I love to activate and connect people to what they are seeking and the direction they are taking. I am rooted in positivity and believe that one should humbly approach life’s situations with generosity and gratitude. I believe magic and rootwork when balanced with the mundane can create momentum and movement.



What are your favorite types of cases and why?

My rootwork practice focuses predominately on prosperity, love, health, protection, reconciliation, court cases, and real estate. I am especially moved by cleansings and clearing out dead energy, protecting an environment, and watching things shift afterward. It’s some of the most fundamental rootwork one can do and what I believe to be the very first work to learn to perfection.


My successful approach is to seed a new love, job, location or negotiation, then work its root and watch it grow and blossom! I’m an experienced manager of prosperity; working with numbers and helping folks reach milestones in their careers. I am known for my annual St. Joseph Day petition altar and charity fund raising event. I’m an older worker with a world of experience that I draw upon and apply to all my cases. Stimulated by all types of Rootwork, Spirit guides me on what to do.



If you could give prospective clients one piece of advice, what would it be?

My holy trinity of advice is:

1. Let go of Fear… it’ll take you out every time!

2. Before going to sleep say this mantra: “I Forgive, I Forgive, I Forgive!” First thing in the morning: “Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!”

3. Always: Dance when you’re broken open. Dance if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.Rumi




Encounters with AIRR: Flora, the Good Luck Lady

Flora, also known as the Good Luck Lady, has been both a friend  and teacher of mine for over fifteen years–so I was naturally thrilled and delighted when she joined us at AIRR. There are few people out there as innately magical as Flora; not only is she a gifted intuitive, but she’s also blessed with the ability to turn bad luck into great blessings. This really wise woman walks her path with integrity, is always adding to her already vast amount of knowledge, and brings a connection to Spirit to all that she does. Please give Flora a warm round of virtual applause and then sit back and get comfy so that you can watch the beautiful video she made!

On the web you can find Flora at:

her official AIRR page

The Good Luck Lady




In her own words:
A magickal practitioner all her life, Flora has been working as a professional conjure woman, teacher, and Priestess for more than 20 years. Her specialty is bringing luck and money into the lives of her clients. Flora lives on a small, one acre homestead in Northeastern Oklahoma where she tends her bees, grows her apothocary, and collects eggs from her chickens.  She is blessed to married to a really creative, kickass man and God granted her a wish of having a beautifully talented daughter.  To find out more about Flora check out her website: or email her at

AIRR Featured Folks: Flora Elmore from Bri Saussy on Vimeo.

Encounters with AIRR: Conjureman Ali

Conjureman Ali is one of the better known members of AIRR because in addition to his work as a root doctor he also co-hosts the weekly Lucky Mojo Curio Company Radio Show on blogtalk radio. Sought out for his powerful approach to solving life’s difficult problems as well as his erudite knowledge of many aspects of magic and the occult, Conjureman Ali practices the traditional arts with style and integrity!

On the web you can find Conjureman Ali at:

his official AIRR page

Conjureman’s Spiritual Practice

Conjureman’s Blog

House of Quimbanda

In his own words:
I am a conjure man who was raised in the Virginian tradition of conjure and hoodoo. I have a background in spiritual work from a very young age, being the heir of my family’s spiritual tradition  and learning even as a child how to read omens, interpret dreams, and call upon the powers of the spirits to guide life. I consider myself a traditional conjure man and root doctor working in a fashion that honors my teachers. I also work as a djinn conjurer and Tata Quimbanda, both immensely powerful sacred arts that are rare and little-known here in the United States. I am a firm believer in working these traditions side-by-side rather than mingling them, that each retain its beauty and power. I’ve been a professional spiritual worker for many years and offer spellcasting services and reading services.
What is your philosophy on magic and root work? 
My philosophy on magic and rootwork is ultimately very practical. I believe that the world of spirit and matter are not meant to oppose one another and that any dichotomy is ultimately a fallacy.  Therefore the natural state of man and the natural state of spiritual enlightenment does not necessarily mean that one must live a material life of lacking. Magic therefore is a spiritual art that allows the the world of spirit and matter to be brought in harmony. Used as a proper tool it can be called upon to address the circumstances of life, or to use a metaphor; act as the means by which to guide a ship through dark waters, or to calm the storms that threaten the ship.

What are your favorite types of cases and why?
I am considered a gifted individual and so I am skilled in many different types of cases and so find myself enjoying a myriad of situations which call upon magic. However I find that I enjoy works of repairing relationships, reconciliation, love drawing, and protection the most. I am also a firm believer of justice and so will fight earnestly and fiercely on behalf of clients who are oppressed by enemies be the magical or not.
If you could give prospective clients one piece of advice, what would it be?
Patience is the key to success. Many people jump into this work too fast or let themselves become consumed by anxiety. In order to change the world around you to reflect your desires you have to have the willpower to do so and that does not come from impatience or anxiety. It comes from an attitude of such calm assurance that reality has no choice, but to bend to match your desires.