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Many Branches: Starry Eyed with Amelia of the Midheaven

Amelia Quint is an amazing astrologer who knows the stars like I know my trusted Rider Waite Smith tarot deck. She is also super nice, approachable, and able to bring all the astro talk down to earth in a very hands on and practical manner–and she does it all with style! These are some of the reasons that I have collaborated with her in the past and had her as one of the featured guest teachers for Star Magic. I am now so pleased to bring her to my lovely readers. Give her a warm welcome and settle in to do some star gazing!


Find Amelia on the World Wide Web: 

Amelia Quint, author of The Midheaven, uses divination to help movers, shakers, and risk-takers dream new and exhilarating possibilities. Her rock-and-roll-meets-the-boardroom approach creates a space where insights and creativity flow with ease. She believes that while astrology and tarot set the stage for personal transformation, the real magic lies in their ability to inspire people to take charge of their destiny.

1.) On your site you say that you use divination to “help people take charge of their destiny.” I love that so much. What does it mean to you and how do you see it working practically?

One of the most common questions I’m asked in both astrology and Tarot readings is “When are things going to get better?” Though some things in life are out of our control, I think taking this approach takes away your power. My favorite thing to do as an intuitive reader is to show my clients that they ARE powerful and have the ability to change their situation!

In practice, “taking charge of your destiny” is all about knowing yourself. Your birth chart (a map of the planets and stars at the time of your birth) will give you insight into where you’re naturally talented, and what potential stumbling blocks to sidestep. And of course, Tarot is a perfect way to delve into the heart of any issue or crisis you may be experiencing. Really both astrology and Tarot come down to a sense of radical self-understanding. When you know yourself intimately, you can create an action plan to move forward with confidence.

Lots of people come to me when they’re going through a difficult astrological transit. They start out feeling hopeless, but once they are able to put a name to their struggle, it becomes much easier for them to face it down. The archetypes of Tarot help in a similar way. Knowing really is half the battle! Once people have a name for their circumstances, they’re able to own what’s happening and make the best of it. To me, that is really the beauty of divination!

2.) You work with both Tarot and Astrology–do you often combine them in your work? If so, how do you find the two disciplines work together?

Yes, I do combine them! I tell people all the time that studying Tarot will deepen your understanding of astrology in a huge way, and vice versa. During astrology readings, I’m always thinking of what Tarot card might correspond to their situation, and with Tarot clients I always take a look at their birth chart to see if there are any major transits happening. The traditional correspondences between Tarot and astrology play a big part in my readings too, especially with the Major Arcana (for example, Venus and The Empress). I take a very holistic approach to both disciplines and move pretty freely between the two, because I think that they each have so much to offer!

3.) The name of your business is The Midheaven. What is the Midheaven and why do you love it?

The Midheaven is a traditional name for the tenth house of the birth chart, which rules our public life and contribution to society. The Latin phrase for the Midheaven (medium coeli) literally means “top of the heavens,” and that is what I want everyone to reach for in their life. My goal is to inspire others to seek out the highest expression of themselves, with stars and cards as a guide!

4.) Favorite Astrology question? Favorite Tarot Question?

My favorite astrology questions are about how to bring more abundance and joy into your life. Working with the benefics (the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and more) is fabulous! Also, many of my clients have come to me during a Saturn Return, which is a notoriously tough transit. I love seeing these beautiful people transform adversity into opportunity.

I love checking people’s charts for psychic potential too. Everyone is intuitive, and helping people tap into that part of themselves is so much fun!

Honestly I enjoy all types of Tarot readings, but I seem to have a knack for love and relationship work! I think my Mercury in Libra helps me keep things compassionate and balanced for everyone involved.

5.) If you could give one piece of wisdom to my readers today, what would it be?

Be audacious! Audacious, one of my favorite words, comes from the root meaning “to dare”. I love this and live by it! Dare to know yourself deeply, dare to love passionately, and dare to stop taking crap from people. And most importantly, dare to ask for what you want. The universe will respond, and so will more people than you think!


There is No Healing Without Tension–How to Nail April’s Astro

So the astro for April is, as I have written elsewhere, incredibly intense. My mantra for the month, given to me by my lovely Nia teacher is: there is no healing without tension.

Around April 21-22nd (depending on where you are on the planet) the star scape is going to form a Grand Cardinal Cross. It is actually very appropriate astrology for Easter and the entire concept of sacrificing in order to redeem and transform (take this in whatever way you can best work with it) is relevant.

A Grand Cardinal Cross occurs when planets enter the four cardinal signs of the zodiac at the same degree. The four cardinal signs of the zodiac are: Libra, Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn and the four planets this time around are Mars (going retro), Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto sitting in each of these signs respectively. Check out the arrangement in the chart below:

Uranus Square Pluto


As you can see looking at the above chart, these four planets in their respective signs are forming a big square in the sky. In astrology whenever anything is squared there is tension, and in the case of this massive square there is the potential for A LOT of tension. The individual squares are as follows:

Mars squared with Pluto and Jupiter

Jupiter and Pluto opposed to each other

Uranus square with Pluto

Uranus opposed to Mars

The Uranus/Pluto square is one that we skywatchers have been paying attention to for a long time because as it started in 2007 we experienced the financial crash. Generally speaking, Uranus and Pluto squaring each other creates tensions around forms of wealth development and the “hidden” traumas that so many people in the world experience every single day. There is a lot of doom and gloom around this skyscape and while I am not saying that it is going to be tra-la-la easy I would like to collectively see us talk more about the amazing healing opportunities this line up makes available to each of us.

The healing is especially noteworthy wherever the sign of Cancer falls in your natal chart; that is where Jupiter will be hanging out, but it is available across the board. More than that, we have a cosmic green light to literally RECOLLECT ourselves. To bring the parts of ourselves that feel isolated back into conversation with one another. Of course that conversation will not be easy…at first, but the fruit it can yield is SO worth the effort!

Generally speaking the guidelines for April are:

Amp up your daily spiritual practices: this is not the month to become inconsistent in grounding, centering, and anchoring, prayer, and sitting in stillness and silence. If you have a cornerstone spiritual practice maintain it through April and perhaps increase it slightly to offer yourself more support.

Do not make any sudden changes: with Uranus and Mars rx there can be deep insights, flashes of brilliance and a desire to make lasting changes NOW. Try your best to keep a coherent record of the ideas that come but choose not to act on making sudden changes until we are well into May or better yet, June.

Let it go: Pluto is a destructive change agent–wherever Pluto is in your chart, you are shedding stuff just like a snake sheds its skin. Resistance is futile so don’t do it; exercise discernment and cooperation in letting go whatever needs to be let go.

No Drama Mama: This is NOT the month to engage in the creation of and participation in high drama–especially the kind that goes NOWHERE. Keep calm and rock on.

Kindness: To yourself and others–especially in the way you speak. Really this is a good rule of thumb always but remember that kindness, real kindness, does not sacrifice truth.

Mars retrograde in Libra–Swords to Ploughshares


Mars and Venus by Paolo Veronese; 1580

…and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. –Isaiah 2: 3-4

The bad news? The planet Mars is transiting the sign Libra until July 2014 and it just went retrograde. In classic astrology there is no sign that Mars less likes to be in than Venus ruled Libra–he even likes Taurus better than Libra!

The awesome news? Mars is transiting the sign Libra until July 2014, just went retrograde, and we can all learn a lot of lessons from this experience!

This astro situation usually shakes down in one of three ways:

1.) Passive Agressive Alert! Libra does not like confrontations–we like harmony, peace, and love (also champagne). Mars lives for conflict, super charged drama, and risk (high adventure, no?) When Mars goes retro in Libra it can make people who tend to be more direct and unafraid of conflict feel…muffled. It can also make those who do not tend towards conflict feel unusually short tempered and irritable. Thus the scene for some massive passive aggressive attacks is set.

Response: From now until May 19th watch your words and actions–if something rubs you the wrong way and you are usually pretty low key then ask yourself–is this really something I need to bring up and get into it about. If the answer is yes, by all means proceed–with clarity, honesty, and direct communication.

2.) All show, no go: For Libra pretty is powerful and superficial concerns are anything but. For Mars and it’s associated sign of Aries appearance matters but mostly so we can figure out who plays what role and then do something dramatic, daring, and adventurous (and high fives if we manage all three at the same time). Mars retro in Libra can lead to superficial concerns that really are superficial–with no undercurrent of awesome and likewise, can lead into situations that look like they are potentially difficult but worthy endeavors (along the lines of nothing ventured, nothing gained). But are less Mission Impossible and more Mission Stalled Out.

Response: Keen-eyed discernment people! Mars/Aries rules the head and Libra (house of art and diplomacy) is no dummy. This astro has brains, beauty, and brawn so put all of yours to work for you. Do NOT let Mars get the upper hand and go chasing after unlikely/impossible/soul sucking ventures. Do not get caught up in the Libra project gone wrong and spend 2 hours organizing your nail polishes so that they match your lipsticks when what you really need to do is call your boss and have that difficult (and not passive aggressive) conversation about the raise he promised you but never delivered on.

3.) Blue Aisle Special on Global Skirmishes and Political Unrest…yes, Mars retro in Libra can lead to some pretty fine messes on a geopolitical level. Financial weirdness can occur but with this particular astrology it’s more likely that diplomacy in some cases will be a total no go and elected leaders will embrace might over right. You may be yawning and thinking, what else is new? But the Mars retro action does raise the stakes.

Response: Other than sending blessings of wisdom and self control to elected (and unelected) leaders throughout the world, we can all collectively take a page from Isaiah and encourage swords to be turned into ploughshares. The global brandishing of weapons may feel overwhelming and inevitable, but Mars retro in Libra can also send some pretty essential messages about peace and reminds us that harmony emerges first from discord.


Make Mercury (Retro) work for you!



Mercury in Retrograde is here! It’s that crazy time of year when the wee planet Mercury appears to be going backwards in its elliptical orbit. It is not actually retrograding but from our vantage point it sure looks like it! And Mercury in Retrograde is probably THE most infamous astrological event because Mercury is a small but mighty planet–he rules, among other things, our ability to communicate clearly, think smart, make good deals, and the general area of technology. When a retrograde happens to say the least, it is easy for things to go on the fritz!

Mercury in retrograde is actually a time of year that I really typically enjoy. I mean sure, there is always a repair that has to happen or a technical snafu, but I go into the season EXPECTING those events. If you are like me there is always a project or two that you started that is still hanging around in a half completed state. While Mercury retrograde is not a great time to begin new projects it is a superb time to bring old projects to a close. Paying attention to the zodiac sign that the retrograde occurs in brings a certain level of nuance to each retrograde phase. Consider what particular sets of strengths and weaknesses the sign Mercury is transiting brings to the cosmic table and then think about ways to practically maximize the benefits in your own life.

While traveling during retrograde is not the best idea, considering the way we travel-and if you are a frequent traveler-organizing and streamlining the process for yourself is a great way to take advantage of this time. In fact, the simple rule of thumb is that any activity that begins with an “re” is an appropriate retrograde activity, this includes: reassessing, remembering, recollecting, repairing, responding (to letters and emails), reorganizing, and reconciling!

Always exercise common sense during a retrograde-a bunch of my lovely lady clients always feel the need to start pressuring their significant others into stronger commitment or marriage. This is probably not the best time to do that since feelings can get hurt and intense conversations can go south quickly. Back up your computer, make sure your phones are charged and plugged in.

If you start to feel itchy, twitchy, unfocused, or like you might bite someone’s head off–take a breath, go for a walk, clear your head and then return to it. Pick an organizing/cleaning/de-cluttering project a few weeks before the retrograde actually hits and you will be in awesome shape!

Blessed New Moon in Aquarius!

Blessed New Moon in Aquarius guys! If you missed the latest edition of Milagro Roots News or for some weird reason are not subscribed then you have not heard me wax eloquently about how awesome this New Moon is. It is especially great for deep and fast insights into your networks (both for business and pleasure), how you connect with people, and how you communicate ideas. The New Moon is in the sign of Aquarius AND it is well aspected with Aquarius’ ruling planet Uranus so these insights are of the flash of lightening brilliant variety as opposed to gradual or subtle.

Por example: I had a killer dream last night that re-affirmed some biz decisions I have already made and left me with a mean and lean priority list. So…the moon is New at 3:40pm central standard time but the vibe is here right now! Be open to the fresh insights, I would recommend traveling today with a blank book or recording device of some kind, and give yourself some extra space and time this afternoon to really appreciate those flashes of golden insight!

And if you would like to work the the moon on a magical/ritual level then this excerpt from my upcoming Star Magic class will be of interest:

In Magic-The moon can be used to consecrate any object, talisman, or spiritual product with the qualities of fertility, magic, intuition, coolness, objectivity, artistry, and inspiration. In Eastern systems it is also equated with the mind or pure intellect. Work with the New Moon to plant seeds for your newest project or desire (or your physical garden), and work with the waxing moon on things you wish to have grow and strengthen. Work with the Full Moon to celebrate completed projects, increase fertility of all kinds, honor love and romance, and divination rituals, and work with the waning moon whenever you need to let go of/banish things. Finally, work with the Dark Moon (the phase right before the New Moon), for baneful work.”



Treat Me Right Tonight-Devouring the Dark Moon

Just a quick note loves because from now until Tuesday we are in the Dark Moon period–that time when la luna is preparing to renew herself for the New Supermoon on Thursday. Every newsletter I send out has an article and ritual either for the New Moon or the Full Moon but I don’t get to talk about the Dark Moon very often so I wanted to share. The Dark Moon is the period right before the New Moon. In the sky during this time the moon is almost invisible as it is when it’s New. Dark Moons are WONDERFUL times for deep and meaningful self care. Typically the vibe is more relaxed and passive–these are the times where even if you are an early riser you are more tempted to stay in bed, nourish yourself with warm teas and soups (especially in January), boost your immune system and engage in some thoughtful self care. If there is ever a time where it feels like you can take a day off from your typical ritual practices or spiritual program, this is it and the time is now. Quietude, good candles and some dark chocolate may be the order for the next few days–I know it’s a tough order but I’m sure you are willing to make the sacrifice!

How to work a Void of Course Moon



We are coming off a Void of Course Moon in Virgo and I thought it would be a good time to say a few words about what exactly a Void of Course Moon is and how you can work most effectively with it. The Moon is considered “void of course” after it passes the last planet in a given sign and is on its lovely way to the next sign in the zodiacal wheel. So, for instance, since yesterday (1/20/14) the Moon has been Void of Course in the sign of Virgo and around 5pm my time today it will have its first aspect in the sign of Libra officially ending the Void of Course time period.

The Moon goes Void of Course pretty often and these periods can be longish–in the neighborhood of one to two days–or they can be quite brief. When considering how to work with a Void of Course Moon, I usually recommend that folks treat this period in a similar fashion to a New Moon minus the starting new ventures energy. Void of Course moons are small but intense moments when we have the opportunity to engage in deep self-care which really translates to paying attention to what is working and is not working in our lives. It is almost like a Celestial magnifying glass is handed to you but of course you get to decide whether to make use of the time or not.

This IS a time when big movements or decisions can happen–in most presidential elections one party has chosen their nominee during a Void of Course moon (and typically that nominee loses). The first pictures of space were taken during a Void of Course Moon, and generally speaking your psychic spidey-sense comes out more strongly during this time, but so can negative patterns that need to be assessed and addressed once and for all.

When considering what ritual vibe is most appropriate for a given Void of Course Moon look at the sign that it is in. For me with the Moon Void of Course in Virgo I have been making lists about what needs to be cleaned and organized in my home in preparation for the upcoming Mercury in Retrograde we will all delight in come February. The sign/house that the Moon has gone Void of Course in points the way for magical work during this time and any work you do can yield long-term and lasting results! Ready to learn more about how to work with the stars and simple, magical, ritual? Star Magic is happening in February!

Venus in Retrograde


So…today/tomorrow lovely Venus, the planet ruling love, romance, sex, and relationships of all kinds is going to start her retrograde. Quick reminder: retrograde is when a planet appears to be going backwards in their elliptical orbit. The most famous retrogrades are the three periods of Mercury in retrograde that we experience every year; a Venusian retrograde is a different animal all together.

Typically this is a time when deep romantic relationships are either made or broken–if there has been a someone in your life that you have been ambiguous about (or they you) then expect some rapid clarity and decisive action with respect to that situation over the next month. Often old lovers and exes may also show up…especially if there is unfinished business to deal with. Of course, all partnerships you have and deep emotional ties are fair game for review and re-assessment, two activities that are present in a retrograde no matter which planet is reversing their celestial tracks.

From a ritual perspective this can be a beautiful time to work on reconciliation work that is favored to succeed, have deep talks with your object of affection, and made final decisions about whether you should stay or go in your current partnership. Because of the decisive element in this retrograde it can work well for break up work too. For married couples and those in deeply committed relationships, use this time to consider what is working and what might be improved in the coming year…and above all make time to be together in all ways that feel pleasurable and luscious. Honey jars are a perfect way to celebrate a Venusian Retrograde but if an ex shows up where they are not wanted, don’t forget about protecting yourself from the ugh vibes!

Celestial Happenings-Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo, Mercury in Retrograde-oh my!

Usually I only do one blog post a week but when I opened my inbox yesterday I had an unusual event–client after client was sad, frustrated, and confused. Feeling all of these…feelings, not communicating well…it was just a whole big mess! On Monday I wrote about healing a broken heart–somewhat presciently I suppose. (Imagine that!)

And as I heard the sad stories I paused, looked up at the sky, squinted my eyes and nodded sagely. I know what’s going on and I thought I would share it with you.

1.) Sun moved into Pisces-yesterday 2/18/13 at 6:02 am central time to be precise. Pisces is the sign of FEELING! Most of my readers know that I am married to a Pisces, my little boy is a Pisces, and my ascendent is also in Pisces. So I am somewhat of an expert.

The heavenly manifestation of Pisces occurs through art, music, dreams, and salvation. Pisces is here to synthesize and to save.

The hellish aspects of Pisces deals with escapism, addiction, imprisonment, and styling oneself as a victim. It’s easy for Pisces to be pushovers and get themselves into tangled nets then feel sorry for themselves without reflecting on how their actions contributed to their state of unhappiness.

The mode of Pisces is feeling. The fish feels deeply, completely, and in some cases overwhelmingly. No matter where Pisces is in your own natal chart, this emotional, feeling, creative energy is around all of us right now making us feel a bit softer and more open-a bit more raw, but also more honest.


2.) Mercury goes into retrograde on 2/23. I have written extensively about how to rock this period over at Apple and Root-but given the Sun in Pisces, this Mercury in Retrograde promises to be especially tender. Remember, Mercury in Retrograde is a time when we refine, revise, and pay attention to loose ends. The loose ends in this case may be our deep feelings, dreams, and fragile hopes. The theme I am giving this period is seeking greater connection and understanding of the deep self.


3.) Full Moon in Virgo-tomorrow I will send out a newsletter with all the goodies about the upcoming full moon in Virgo. You can sign up here.

Generally speaking all the messiness of Sun in Pisces and Mercury in retrograde can lead to some amazing and deep insights that will feed your soul for the rest of the year. The full moon in Virgo is a wonderful way to represent those reminders to yourself and to create structures around them so that you may honor them more fully. Por example, if you realize that you quitting cello lessons was one of the biggest mistakes ever during this time, then the full moon in Virgo might be the perfect time to start lessons back up and pop them into your calendar.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a poem/prayer from Emily Dickinson-who captures the season moment so beautifully:


A light exists in Spring

Not present in the Year

At any other period—

When March is scarcely here


A Color stands abroad

On Solitary Fields

That Science cannot overtake

But Human Nature feels.


It waits upon the Lawn,

It shows upon the furthest Tree

Upon the furthest Slope you know

It also speaks to you.


Then as Horizons step

Or Noons report away

Without the Formula of soun

It passes and we stay—


A quality of loss

Affecting our Content

As Trade had suddenly encroached

Upon a Sacrament.


Remember that this is a time to be gentle with yourself and open to heart healing. To support those efforts I have listed my Balm of Gilead oil and bath 50% off for this week only .


Affluence & Assumptions

Oil & Water.

Fire & Ice.

Affluence & Assumptions.

Some things don’t mix.

Tax season is upon us and many of my consultations have dealt with the issues of money & business. I love talking cash+profit. Brainstorming about how people can make more money & haul more lucre into their businesses is one of my favorite things to do. What I have noticed this year–what I have been playing with–is the intersection between assumptions & affluence.

It was through firsthand experience that I learned its both possible & profitable to shelve assumptions and self-limiting thoughts.

Milagro Roots would never have been born if I had not done exactly that…I started the business during the financial collapse of 2008 and went full time into it at the beginning of 2009-when we still had not “recovered”–whatever that word means.

In speaking with clients I became aware of how frequently I heard language and thoughts that were couched in assumptions such as…

“I know I won’t do as well as I did last year because I lost that employee/account/connection/retail space…”

“my entire industry is in a downturn right now, chances for success this year are slim to none…”

“my broker retired, now I have this new guy and he just doesn’t seem to get me…” 

“I am creatively fried…there is nothing more to give my business and I have no way out…

Sound familiar? Sound like some of the words that might be wailing on the self-pity violin in your head? The truth is that none of these ideas are real or factual. They are opinions, assumptions, baneful little mind weeds that took root in & were nourished by your fear & negative self-talk. Stop. Right. Now.

Take a breath and look up at the sky–wide, open, limitless. Since the full moon will be in Virgo on Thursday (read: earth sign Virgo+Jupiter ruled Thursday=cha-ching!) this week let’s practice a little fiscal+mental conjure & turn these dead-end, dull, & useless assumptions around:


“Thank the Universe that I lost that employee/account/connection/retail space! Talk about an albatross around my neck–finally I can breathe again and get on with what needs getting done!”

“My entire industry is in a downturn which means that its my time to shine baby! No one touches my level of expertise and ability, what better time to stand out from the crowd and make my mark?!”

“My broker retired. He did right by me but I am excited to see if this new fellow will be open to X, Y, & Z ideas that my old guy never went for.” (And remember, in this case, you can always walk away from the table and work with someone else)

“I am creatively fried…which means I need to rest, recuperate, and give myself space-and man, can we say V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!”


Get your ritual on:

Wednesday evening light a black or white candle dressed with a banishing type oil and put those negative thoughts underneath it. Let the candle burn all the way down and take any remains to a 4 way crossroads-bury them or if everything is ash spread the ashes to the 4 winds.

Then on Thursday get a white, yellow or purple candle and place your positive cash-ffirmations underneath it. Dress it with an oil for attracting good things to you (or olive oil that you have charged up through prayer, chanting, or general good vibes) and allow it to burn on Thursday evening-drenched in the full moon light. Bury those remains in your front yard or in a container plant near your front door (to usher in wealth+abundance of course!).


Blessings+Bountiful Affluence,