Charms & Enchantments A Lammas Divination technique & What it Really Takes to Get What You Want

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Blessed Lammas!

It is August first and today those who follow the Celtic Wheel of the Year celebrate the first of three harvest festivals. This celebration focuses mainly on the cereal crops that have been ripening in the full sun throughout the summer. Wheat, corn, and all matter of grains now await the sickle. They have flourished, ripening in summer’s sun and are now ready to be cut, winnowed, and prepared for storage and bread baking.

Harvests are traditionally times of great celebration-hard work has come to its full fruition and the fruits of one’s labors are now ready to be enjoyed. When people relied on their own small crop production to feed them throughout the year harvest time was also a time when the community could take a collective exhalation and relax-another season passed, another field that flourished-vagaries in weather and pestilence have not yet won the day.

As I was working on this post I wanted to be bright and shiny but the truth is that harvest time is also a time of death-its one of life’s little ironies I guess, but just as the fruit is at its fullest and ripest-now is the time when we cut it from the stalk, the branch, the root-in effect killing it.

For me this time of year carries its own weight and shadows because my beloved grandfather died right around this time a year ago-though we initially lost him to a debilitating stroke on Samhain in 2005.

My fiery Leo grandfather is the one who taught me the names of plants and how to sing to crystals, how to be very still and very quiet so that a wild creature might come to my hand-in trust and curiosity. He taught me a core lesson of nature and the harvest:

Bounty from Death.

And when we look at ancient harvest traditions from around the world we find sacrifice is often a core theme. Whether its the symbolic straw man being burned in the fields (of which our modern day Burning Man and Zozobra festivals are part) or the very real sacrifice of the dying God to make the earth fecund and fertile once again as well as to give thanks for the bounty currently reaped-the harvest is a time for blood. And if you have ever seen a field harvest you know that it can be a bloody affair.

Death for Bounty. 

True Confession time: I really do believe that you can get exactly what you want-but I also believe that getting what you want does come with a price-a sacrifice of some kind must be made. If you are ready to dive deep and give whatever is required to manifest your dreams and turn them into realities then the following divination will help.



Your favorite tarot deck. For this I used the Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore which I am LOVING right now.

Pull the Hanged Man from the deck and also pull out a card that represents where you ultimately want to be-your ultimate dream and vision. I used the Empress to represent my ultimate dream and vision because I am a mommy, involved in several different creative projects that I want to manifest like crazy, and I am a wife who is totally committed to her beloved so this card resonates strongly for me.



1.) After you have pulled the Hanged Man from the deck set it up in the center of your reading space, place the second card you picked-the one symbolizing your goal or dream directly underneath the Hanged Man.

Now you will have two open positions-numer one and number three, its time to fill them!


2.) Shuffle your deck with the following question in mind:

What does my present situation say about the sacrifice I need to make and the dream I wish to realize.

The card that you pull will go in the first position.


3.) Shuffle again and ask the following question:

What sacrifice must I make in order to realize my deepest dream right now?

The card you pull in response to this question goes into the third position.


It will look something like this & you can listen to my interpretation of this reading right here.





Sacrifice means to make sacred-when you think of sacrifice merely as loss it is hard to grapple with. When you recognize sacrifice as a part of yourself going into a part of something else-dying to make way for living-and to remind us that we are all connected-it becomes a privilege, even in its pain. When you recognize that sacrifice allows room for better and brighter dreams to thrive then you are one step closer to manifesting!

Are you uncomfortable with the notion of sacrifice? Its an essential aspect of getting your mind/body/heart & spirit into alignment and creating more wealth, health, and happiness in your life.

If you are ready to confront your fears and live up to your full potential then its time to register for the Miracle Tree Sessions!





13 responses to “Charms & Enchantments A Lammas Divination technique & What it Really Takes to Get What You Want

  1. What a fascinating post. It’s so true that sacrifice is needed, and what a wonderful definition of sacrifice. Thank you for all I’ve learned from this!

    Hugs and butterflies,

  2. I have to admit that the idea of having to sacrifice something in order to get what you want triggers me a bit. I believe that we can have it all- but what occurred to me is that we often have to sacrifice old ways of being and our comfort zone in order to full expand into what we want.

    Releasing those things can certainly feel like a sacrifice…but they open up the way for more juicy goodness to come in.

  3. Miss Bri on said:

    Leah-I totally see where you are coming from with this and I think its an important point-because sometimes sacrifice can read as incredibly painful thing (which it can be) but we do have to let things go in order for new things to come up-so true.

  4. Miss Bri on said:

    Thanks Theresa-I am so glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Something cannot come from nothing, the universal exchange. So true. I am looking forward to doing this spread, thanks for sharing so much this week

  6. I like what you said about having what you want, but that it comes at a price. I’ve been preaching this a lot lately — that getting what you want means making tough choices. Nice to see that echoed here. <3

  7. Miss Bri on said:

    You are so welcome Meg-I am glad it spoke you and I love how a simple spread can open up some many avenues of possibility :-)

  8. Miss Bri on said:

    YES! I am a big believer in getting exactly what you want-but I also think that we have an expectation that those things can come without giving anything up-including old, outmoded behaviors that no longer serve us like Leah mentioned above. You can absolutely see the truth of this in your field of health and fitness Jessica!

  9. Oh Bri… this post actually made me cry.. Seeing the definition of sacrifice as being about the making of something sacred.. the interplay of life and death.. all of it is very close for me this summer. Am in a cycle of death and rebirth having just lost my brother as well as experiencing other endings and this post felt deeply soothing..

    Much love to you beautiful Wise Woman..

  10. This is a great article; thank you!

    Having just lost my mother, I got all soft and mooshy when I read about your Grandfather. How AMAZING is it that he taught you Magic and Wisdom of old. Oh, I’m sure he’s with you still and so proud. *smile*

  11. “I really do believe that you can get exactly what you want-but I also believe that getting what you want does come with a price-a sacrifice of some kind must be made.”

    Totally agree with you, Bri – this actually resonates with a saying from my tradition, “a gift for a gift”, also represented by Gebo. In my experience, to be able to receive & make room for the old gift, you have to give up *something* else – even if it’s not a physical sacrifice of any sort, but is working hard, clearing out the old thoughts/energies/belongings that are blocking your way, and so on. I’ve experienced this recently in my own life with apparent losses making way for amazing growth. Thanks for a great post and the ritual instructions. :)

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