Affluence & Assumptions

Oil & Water.

Fire & Ice.

Affluence & Assumptions.

Some things don’t mix.

Tax season is upon us and many of my consultations have dealt with the issues of money & business. I love talking cash+profit. Brainstorming about how people can make more money & haul more lucre into their businesses is one of my favorite things to do. What I have noticed this year–what I have been playing with–is the intersection between assumptions & affluence.

It was through firsthand experience that I learned its both possible & profitable to shelve assumptions and self-limiting thoughts.

Milagro Roots would never have been born if I had not done exactly that…I started the business during the financial collapse of 2008 and went full time into it at the beginning of 2009-when we still had not “recovered”–whatever that word means.

In speaking with clients I became aware of how frequently I heard language and thoughts that were couched in assumptions such as…

“I know I won’t do as well as I did last year because I lost that employee/account/connection/retail space…”

“my entire industry is in a downturn right now, chances for success this year are slim to none…”

“my broker retired, now I have this new guy and he just doesn’t seem to get me…” 

“I am creatively fried…there is nothing more to give my business and I have no way out…

Sound familiar? Sound like some of the words that might be wailing on the self-pity violin in your head? The truth is that none of these ideas are real or factual. They are opinions, assumptions, baneful little mind weeds that took root in & were nourished by your fear & negative self-talk. Stop. Right. Now.

Take a breath and look up at the sky–wide, open, limitless. Since the full moon will be in Virgo on Thursday (read: earth sign Virgo+Jupiter ruled Thursday=cha-ching!) this week let’s practice a little fiscal+mental conjure & turn these dead-end, dull, & useless assumptions around:


“Thank the Universe that I lost that employee/account/connection/retail space! Talk about an albatross around my neck–finally I can breathe again and get on with what needs getting done!”

“My entire industry is in a downturn which means that its my time to shine baby! No one touches my level of expertise and ability, what better time to stand out from the crowd and make my mark?!”

“My broker retired. He did right by me but I am excited to see if this new fellow will be open to X, Y, & Z ideas that my old guy never went for.” (And remember, in this case, you can always walk away from the table and work with someone else)

“I am creatively fried…which means I need to rest, recuperate, and give myself space-and man, can we say V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!”


Get your ritual on:

Wednesday evening light a black or white candle dressed with a banishing type oil and put those negative thoughts underneath it. Let the candle burn all the way down and take any remains to a 4 way crossroads-bury them or if everything is ash spread the ashes to the 4 winds.

Then on Thursday get a white, yellow or purple candle and place your positive cash-ffirmations underneath it. Dress it with an oil for attracting good things to you (or olive oil that you have charged up through prayer, chanting, or general good vibes) and allow it to burn on Thursday evening-drenched in the full moon light. Bury those remains in your front yard or in a container plant near your front door (to usher in wealth+abundance of course!).


Blessings+Bountiful Affluence,

21 responses to “Affluence & Assumptions

  1. Bri, how cool is this? I love bringing ritual into my business and this is gorgeous. Can you tell me, what kind of oil would be best for “banishing”? I’m going to send some of my clients here – they will love this. Thank you! xoxo

  2. Miss Bri on said:

    Hey Nona!
    So glad you enjoyed the post :-) There are many good Banishing oils out there–I am a fan of Lucky Mojo Curio Company’s Banishing oil and I also like Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Scales of Deprivation oil for this particular ritual.

  3. Beautiful, Bri… as always! The picture at the top immediately brought to mind my own gorgeous crystals & stones, and the ritual I have set to do this Thursday.

    I really love the re-framing of the ideas listed above… This is something I’ve been working on in one of Nona’s classes recently and I love when I see an idea echoed in various places (because to me, that’s life acting as a mirror and showing me what to really focus on!) so I’m definitely taking this to heart & adding some of this to my Thursday activities!!!

  4. ooooooo….. “banishing oils” LOVE it!! I definitely have money fears and have been working on them for some time but yet i can’t seem to “banish” them!! I love this ritual and am going to try it!

  5. Freakin’ brilliant writing! I especially like: “Sound like some of the words that might be wailing on the self-pity violin in your head? The truth is that none of these ideas are real or factual.” Limiting beliefs are rarely factual, but they are self-fulfilling! Here’s to letting go of limiting beliefs! And to encouraging saucy writers!

  6. That is such a wonderful post and so relevant, I am so much in the process of eliminating the self-limiting beliefs that I have perpetuated for a life-time. Thank you so very apt in my life :)

  7. LOVE THIS! The energy in the positive statements is astonishing! Wow. My crown just blazed open reading them.

    It IS our time to shine. “Good” economy or “Bad” economy. As long as we’re doing what we love and remain confident, how can we not shine?

  8. Love this! I like your combination of the wiccan-style rituals with the Law of Attraction philosophy about changing beliefs and assumptions. This was a much-needed reminder to shift my thinking and focus on letting go of beliefs that do not serve me and put all my energy into creating a reality that does!

  9. Well.. hello my kind of woman.. so happy to know you are here making beautiful magic and sacred rituals. Can’t wait to see what else you have going on.. will be spending some time looking around your website. Really love all this..

    Love and blessings,
    Simple Sacred Solutions For Living Beautifully In Your Body

  10. Wow, great post. I know I’m bad at negative self talk, I tell myself lots of stories about why I can’t do things or they won’t work. I had this realisation that I daydream about how I want my life to be and it’s always perfect, I’m the best at whatever I do, I not only succeed; but excel in my imagination, so why do I then start telling myself I can’t in reality. I’m going to use the energy on Thursday to reinforce my new thoughts and motivation. Thank you!

  11. Bri, quick — how do I dress a candle? I’ve never tried stuff like this before, but your post made me excited to try. I hear that &^%$ violin in my head way too often, and it’s got to stop.

  12. Got this in my email and LOVED it. I am whole-heartedly in agreement with you on the reframing thing; that’s powerful. But my favorite was that you included a ritual. Suh-Weet!


  13. Miss Bri on said:

    Yay Angel! And a Happy Full Moon to you :-) Yes, I think working to re-frame our negative self-talk can be a very powerful and productive exercise!

  14. Miss Bri on said:

    Hi Amy! Yes–BANISH those fears right out of your life! When I was little and my mom washed my hair she used to sing the song “I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair” to me–because I was afraid of the water. Now when there is something I need to get rid of I sing that song and replace “man” with whatever it is that needs to GO!

  15. Miss Bri on said:

    Hi Sue–thank you so much for your kind words! And you are right, letting go of self-limiting (and self-fulfilling) nasty thought cycles is imperative for success.

  16. Miss Bri on said:

    Hi Marita-ah you and I agree so much! I totally did not pay attention to the dire warnings about the economy–I knew it was time to rock so I did!

  17. Miss Bri on said:

    Hi Melanie, thank you! One of the hats I wear is that of a ritualist and I find that re-enforcing a thought or belief through ritual can lend weight and heft to that belief-so I enjoy the combination!

  18. Miss Bri on said:

    Thank you Lisa! I was just on your site and felt the exact same way!

  19. Miss Bri on said:

    Yay Claire–do it, do it!

  20. Miss Bri on said:

    Jessica–in this case you will dress a candle in 2 different ways:
    for the banishing candle you want to PUSH all the negative self talk away from yourself…so-hold the candle in your non dominant hand at your heart level. Do not hold it vertically (the way you would set it down on a table) rather hold it horizontally so that it looks like a line shooting out from your heart. The wick will be the farthest away from you and the bottom of the candle will be right at heart level. Take you banishing oil or olive oil that you have prayed over/ritually charged and starting at the base of the candle anoint with your dominant hand moving away from your body. When you reach the wick end of the candle stop anointing, release with your dominant hand and start again from the base–repeat three times. (Basically what I don’t want you to do is go back and forth over the candle with the oil–you are moving these crappy thoughts OUT of yourself.)
    Now, for the positive candle same process but reverse it–you want to bring these affirmations INTO yourself. So the wick end is closest to your heart, the base is farthest away, start at the base and anoint TOWARDS yourself–make sense? Have fun!

  21. Miss Bri on said:

    Thank you Megan! I know that you know the power of ritual and get how it can “seal the deal” so to speak!